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    Boring with a stupid plot. 1501248618 I will read anything by Nora Roberts and JD Robb. She writes in such a lyrical way that you're immediately pulled into her stories and follow along with the characters and plot. 1501248618 I thought I'd try a series and this start didn't leave me disappointed. Cilla's struggles, not only with the killer caller but with Boyd, kept my eyes to the page until the end. Can't wait to read the next one. 1501248618 There are writers and then there is Nora Roberts. Long before I had my Kindle I read a lot of her books in hardback and paperback and was never disappointed. I've just finished Night Shift and fully intend to read the series. As always, whether she is doing crime, ghost stories, romance or family sagas, her style and quality of writing have an edge over the norm. She crafts her sentences and especially her dialogue most beautifully. I'd give 10 stars if it were possible. 1501248618 I always enjoy Nora Roberts. This one was a bit out of the ordinary – a stalker mystery set in 1990. It was back in the days of payphones and cassette tapes. The story wouldn’t have worked with mobile phones. I particularly liked the reference to the 15 year reunion for the class of ’75 and all the music that went with it. Very nostalgic! Loved the characters. Will read the rest of the series. 1501248618

    #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts presents a passionate story from the thrilling Night Tales series.Her voice was like whiskey, smooth and potent, but it was her contradictions that fascinated Detective Boyd Fletcherthe vulnerability beneath her tough as nails facade. Late night radio announcer Cilla O'Roarke was being threatened by a caller, and it was Boyd's job to protect her no matter what. But the sultry deejay was getting under his skin, and the undeniable attraction that sizzled between them concerned the detectivebecause anything could happen on the Night Shift. Night Shift (Night Tales)

    I really liked this book about Boyd & Cilla. I can’t wait to read the next in the series. I love Nora Roberts books. She never disappoints!! 1501248618 Love Nora Roberts, as a general rule, but I just couldn't get into this one. It really came across as being dated, and while normally such a thing is not necessarily a deal breaker for me, it completely ruined this book. The female lead is obnoxiously obstinate in her lame attempts at being an independent, self sufficient woman (e.g. almost any TV Show or movie from the 80s). I wanted to slap her so many times in the first quarter of the book that I had to just stop reading. For me, reading fiction is all about escapism and enjoyment. This book, unfortunately, just wasn't enjoyable.

    I probably won't attempt to read any of the other books in this series unless they're available on the cheap since this one was such a dud. 1501248618 Nobody describes emotion and intimacy better than Nora Roberts. Always done tastefully and with what I can truest picture as loving. This story doesn’t disappoint. Interwoven in the storyline is the murderous stalker. The twists in the end draw the story to a dramatic close. 1501248618 Five stars this was great book always tell the truth and destroy lies that be hidden person who seeks 1501248618 I think this was the oldest Nora Roberts book I have read. It was refreshing and nostalgic and a blast from the past. I liked Cilla and Boyd and their story. I think I’m going to enjoy the Night Tales series. 1501248618

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