My Lord and Master By Victoria Whitlock

    How much for the girl?
    One morning, nineteen-year-old village girl Angelica Brook finds herself sold off to the handsome, brooding Lord Sutherland.
    Taken from her family and held within his imposing manor house, Angelica wonders just what her new job has in store for her.
    But our young heroine soon discovers that her position within Lord Sutherland’s house is a rather unusual one, to say the least. And furthermore, her Lord and master’s passions run darker than she could have ever imagined ... dark in fact as her own.

    Due to adult descriptions and situations, this novel is suitable only for those aged eighteen and older. My Lord and Master


    Victoria Whitlock ✓ 7 CHARACTERS

    A servant girl and a lord....

    She is bought from her father , she thinks for the position as maid for the Lord.... however she is moved into a stunning bedroom and discovers she is his mistress

    He has a wicked desire, he is stunned that she does as well. She loves the attention and interactions they share....however he is unmarried and apparently is wooing a neighbors daughter who is beautiful.... she is jealous and hurt when he makes her into a serving wench to them on a date

    He is shocked to find she is jealous and apparently is confused by his feelings for her and sends her away....

    A HEA English Wonderful

    I wish it was longer but it was very good I enjoy it and I'm sure others will as well. I will you continue success. DH from New York City English