My Little Farm Girl By Jordan Silver

    I didn't care for how the H emotionally manipulated the h to teach her a lesson. Not emotionally healthy IMO. Kindle Edition Gabriella loved her parents but she knew one thing she did not want to spend her life working the farm. She wanted to go and find her own path and when her Mom calls in a favor from an old high school friend, she finds herself becoming an assistant to the woman. She has no clue the woman doesn't want her there or the nasty temperament she has.

    Callan O'Rourke knew he made a mistake when he slept with his now ex, but she is still trying to reel him back and has him picking up what she refers to a hayseed at the train station. The instant he sees Gabriella he knows he wants her beauty is breathtaking and her innocence has him charmed. When he realizes he needs to set things in motion to get her out of the claws of his ex, he acts swiftly but will this natural born submissive be able to take all he wants to give?

    This reminded me a bit of Devil Wears Prada as far as the plot line where Gabriella is concerned. God story, had a few things that I scratched my head at but overall entertaining. Kindle Edition Jesus. This book is fucking exhausting. It reads less like a book, and more like a ‘how to BDSM manual.’

    Light on the story and heavy on the playroom beatings, it was boring. I never thought I would say that about a book this author has written, but goddamn nothing happens. For what seems like chapter after chapter, nothing happens- other than the sex.

    His perspective is all about the ‘I will own her inside and out, forever’ then sex- with some punishments for bullshit slights, rinse repeat.

    Her perspective was basically brainless, thoughtless, ‘whatever you say master’, sex, and then some beatings.

    With a tiny bit of barely resolved drama thrown in.

    I was booooooored. So so bored, and annoyed. I finished it though. So there is that. Kindle Edition I threw up in my mouth Kindle Edition Great BDSM story. Not many of these types of stories have a truly natural submissive as the heroine, they are always convinced or tempted into the lifestyle. I liked that Gabriella needed this element to their relationship as much as Callan. She was doing it for herself not just to please him. Enjoyed the twist with Josh and fab ending. Kindle Edition

    Callan O'Rourke is doing a favor for an ex fling. Pick up her new ward at the train station and drop her off. No biggie; Callan's no one's idea of an errand boy, but he figures if he doesn't do it, the poor kid might end up stranded there all night, since his ex bed warmer was a cold hearted witch.
    From the description she gave, he's expecting a homely country hayseed, imagine his surprise when the new ward turns out to be a stunning beauty who makes his body heat up with a look, and brings thoughts and desires long dormant to the forefront. In that first meeting he sees her for exactly what she is, everything he's ever wanted in his life, in his bed. My Little Farm Girl

    characters My Little Farm Girl


    Callan is a bad bad Dom; and Gabriella is a really dumb, empty non-entity.
    Kindle Edition I finally remember. This is the first Jordan Silver book I ever read
    It was a rough ride and one that I will never take again.


    All I can say is that poor girl had to put up with a lot for an innocent virgin.
    Really? Butt plugs and balls in a virgin vagina before intercourse and she is good with all that?
    I am sorry but that needs to be after some regular sex and maybe a lot of pain meds!?

    It was a submissive story and bdsm I get that but man you need to set that stuff up before you get down on it!!!
    Just not my thing and the farm girl angle...that is weak at best.
    For me it was a complete let down!

    She is just a poor little f*cked up farm girl!
    I would not recommend this book to anyone ever. Kindle Edition This is a male chauvinist's utter fantasy but it was a hoot to read. Unabashedly and unapologetically lurid and exploitative, this story is written in the pulp fiction genre. However, the mindset that the author is describing through the first person narrative of the male character, an older, worldy lover to the naive country bumpkin female character, is actually more authentic than many people would feel comfortable admitting to. I speak from professional experience working in a field where I came across many mail order brides that savvy, older men recruited from third world countries precisely because they believed wholeheartedly in this dominating mindset. This was definitely not a fantasy that titillated, it was rather horrifying but at the same time fascinating. In real life, the older men who would seek to dominate these younger, vulnerable women truly believe that they are the heroes rescuing them and because of that, the woman owes them complete submission and worse, they truly believe that the woman will eventually fall in love. Of course, these types of unions more often than not implode rather painfully. In this book, the author takes the mindset of this type of man and takes it to its extreme conclusion. It is nothing but a male fantasy. With the plethora of female fantasies in the romance genre, it was interesting to see the male point of view written in this extreme way. Kindle Edition I seem to be going through a reread of all of the Jordan Silver books I've read. I know that sometimes the writing is a bit juvenile and she needs to hire someone to review all the grammatical errors and crazy sentences in her books, but I still really like to read them. This one is no exception. I liked the story of a young virginal farm girl who is hated by the ex of the hero. Very angsty with an alpha male that only Jordan Silver can create. Kindle Edition If you are not into spankings, anal play and punishments then this story isn't for you. I loved it. I didn't love when he sent her away for 1 1/2 weeks without communication and just assumed she would know that he would be coming for her. I did love how he loved her. Little ow drama in the form of an ex, but it had been over for months before the H/h met. Slight push/pull, didn't last long. Great read. Kindle Edition