Cuvinte de Acces By Jean Baudrillard

    Me topé con este breve libro en La Ventana, estaba buscando uno de Luis Felipe Fabre, cuando este, que estaba mal acomodado, simplemente captó mi atención.

    El nombre no me es nada desconocido, digo, a estas alturas, ¿quién no sabría nada de Baudrillard?

    Filósofo, sociólogo, crítico... este wey parecía ver un mundo que planteaba cuestionamientos constantes al respecto de la posmodernidad, y como en esta obra: la hiperrealidad.

    El libro vagó del librero al sillón y del sillón a la mochila sin que avanzara mucho en su lectura, ¿por qué lo compré? Algo que leí hojeándolo en la librería me gustó como para agregarlo a mi tema de tesis que versa sobre la identidad digital, sobre la huella digital.

    Al leer más a profundidad, terminé descubriendo, que todo el libro en sí, como el de Solé, me permiten abarcar un poco más mi tema de investigación, dotarlo de una perspectiva filosófica que estaba dejando fuera, o que mejor dicho, no había vislumbrado.

    En apenas unas viñetas, y acomodando todo como en una especie de diccionario mínimo Baudrillard desarrolla temas que van desde definir el objeto, la seducción, el valor, la imposibilidad del intercambio, lo obseceno, lo virtual, el intercambio simbólico, la transparencia del mal, el crimen perfecto, el destino, la dualidad; sin embargo, esto solo son eso, cnceptos, que le permiten desarrollar su idea de que en la actualidad, las contraseñas, las palabras de acceso, significan o pueden significar todo.

    Son pequeños puntos de entrada a explorar nuestra realidad actual a los ojos de una visión crítica. Jean Baudrillard This book feels like the Rosetta Stone for Baudrillard, an essential tool for anyone interested in digging deeper into his thought and philosophy. Easy to read though very layered it presents his key terms and a brief exploration of what the word means when placed in the context of the modern world. An important look at the need for a redefined duality over a singularity that will leave us without choice and as I think he is going for, lifeless.

    Recommended for anyone interested in delving into his work or graspable and enjoyable philosophical exploration. Jean Baudrillard oooo, passwords? what a fabulous idea for a book, for a theory, for a topic to write about. I love language. I love different ways of thinking about and understanding the world. Honestly, I love Baudrillard. I can't wait to read this book. Jean Baudrillard I have to call bullshit on this silly book. Like a lot of people I read Baudrillard with interest and glee back in the '80s. I picked this up in a thrift store for two bucks and thought it'd be fun to refresh what I had so enjoyed way back in the day. Upon closer examination, however, this book is a total scam. If you've read Baudrillard's actual books there's nothing new, if you haven't--as many other reviewers here have pointed out--this is at best a tease and at worst incomprehensible. It's B.'s 15 notes toward explaining my oeuvre to a group of undergrads. It should have been a xerox (oh, how dated am I!?!?!) distributed on the first day of class. Instead, Verso, a division of New Left Books, the erstwhile British Marxist press, have given it a beautiful glossy cover of a fog-shrouded highway (I hear Michael Palin's voice shouting Oh, what a giveaway!), oversized it, and slapped a $20 price tag on it. Isn't it nice that I can critique Verso's capitalist strategies with the concept of conspicuous consumption--which I first read about in Verso Books back in the '80s. This, like most of the things one reads in the news today, invokes the cliche of not knowing whether to laugh or to cry. Actually we all know we will only shrug because we no longer care enough to either laugh or cry and that again makes me wish I could still laugh or cry about all of the bullshit piling up around me. Jean Baudrillard Like a lot of other reviews have said, this one tends towards abstraction on account of it's sparseness. Many of the terms he uses eventually get their own chapters, so once you get to the end, you understand the whole more. But for the most part this is an overview of concepts with very little direct analysis and few examples of the thought being put into practice. Jean Baudrillard

    In his analysis of the deep social trends rooted in production, consumption, and the symbolic, Jean Baudrillard touches the very heart of the concerns of the generation currently rebelling against the framework of the consumer society. With the ever-greater mediatization of society, Baudrillard argues that we are witnessing the virtualization of our world, a disappearance of reality itself, and perhaps the impossibility of any exchange at all. This disenchanted perspective has become the rallying point for all those who reject the traditional sociological and philosophical paradigms of our age.

    Passwords, in the spirit of Gilles Deleuze's Abécédaire, offers us twelve accessible and enjoyable entry points into Baudrillard's thought by way of the concepts he uses throughout his work: the object, seduction, value, impossible exchange, the obscene, the virtual, symbolic exchange, the transparency of evil, the perfect crime, destiny, duality, and thought.

    Cuvinte de Acces

    This is the most approachable Baudrillard book. A great one to start with. Much more coherent and humble than simulacra and simulation. Even though it came out so much later, this is probably the best place to embark. Jean Baudrillard Insightful but very very short and its hard to get a grip on his ideas. I love jean baudrillad writings but definitely this is very brief with alot of unexplored ideas. To understand this book you have to read his other books. Jean Baudrillard Strangely I found this book at the most conservative end of the baudrillarian spectrum... (I am also a great fan of his work...). Jean Baudrillard Read for a class. Very French. Jean Baudrillard There was much in this book that I felt I couldn’t understand with my current knowledge. Nonetheless, several parts were interesting, and it still seems like it was worth the read. Jean Baudrillard

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