Minecraft: Exploded Builds: Medieval Fortress: An Official Minecraft Book from Mojang By Mojang AB

    Check out the brand new series of official Minecraft Guides. The first four titles in the series, Guide to Exploration, Guide to Creative, Guide to Redstone and Guide to the Nether and the End, publish in 2017.This official Minecraft book from Mojang opens up new worlds of construction.Minecraft Exploded Builds is a medieval themed building book, packed with guides, schematics and inspirational ideas to construct, defend and customise your very own castle.Designed in an aged, medieval style, the book features dozens of builds, each illustrated with a detailed `exploded’ view, so readers can see exactly which blocks are used in the structures, both inside and out. With hundreds of variations and additional features, readers can personalise every aspect of their medieval fortress.With builds ranging from sturdy walls and turrets, to grandiose throne rooms and dank, dark dungeons, readers can develop their own unique medieval kingdom with ease.Collect all of the official Minecraft series to become the best Minecrafter you can be:The Official Minecraft Annual 2017Minecraft The Survivors' Book of SecretsMinecraft BlockopediaMinecraft: Exploded Builds: Medieval FortressMinecraft Beginner’s HandbookMinecraft Construction HandbookMinecraft Combat HandbookMinecraft Redstone Handbook Minecraft: Exploded Builds: Medieval Fortress: An Official Minecraft Book from Mojang

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    El libro ilustra y emociona con lo que propone construir pero las guías son poco claras, incompletas y dejan demasiado a la imaginación.Casi es un libro referencial que solo te llena de falsas expectativas.Acabado del libro y pastas extraordinarios.Siento que desperdicie mi dinero, pero se ve lindo en el librero Inglese I love the build! BUT the book could be a little clear on sooooo many things. They kinda just leave you to figure it out. I had to scan it to zoom in close enough to count the individual blocks I was not going to see otherwise. Great idea but it needs to be just a touch thorough to say the least. Inglese This is fantastic book. It's pretty cheap in price compared to dollars. Paper quality a bit they could improve. But it's worth the price. As always delivered in time. Thanks. Inglese A must for all minecraft fans. Inglese El libro todo sobre cómo construir esos castillos y otras casa, diciendo tipos de bloques como dónde y cuántos colocar. Inglese