Men of Character By Lloyd D. Newell

    Much, much better than the one about the women. There were a lot more direct quotes which helped the reader get a feel for the personality of the subject. It seemed a lot less pushy than the other as well.

    Two small quibbling disagreements I have:

    I feel like the Presidents of the church should have been excluded. I can see why they're there but I feel like their target audience is LDS and would therefore have ample resources on these men. It's a given that they fit the bill.

    I disagreed with a couple (okay, 10) other of their choices. Politicians, especially living ones, tend to generate controversy and their existence/position/value on such a list is almost impossible to prove. There were others that I disagreed with... But if you want more info- ask me in person. Men of Character It would be more accurate to take out the title and just use the subtitle. There was more consistent proof of the latter and not always proof of the former. Not to say it wasn't interesting and informative, but character isn't necessarily synonymous with well-known or recognized. I hate to say that, because each of these men are achievers in their own right and, in the case of some who are still living, it's hard to brag about yourself.

    Given as a gift... otherwise I probably wouldn't have picked it up. Men of Character This book gives 100 profiles of prominent LDS men. I found the stories in this book to be inspiring and uplifting. I think it is very important to have positive role models in life who we can learn from and whose paths we can follow. I highly recommend this book. Men of Character

    For generations, prophets have extolled the important role of men in providing for their families, protecting their children, and bettering society. Latter-day Saint men have been and continue to be powerful influences for good in shaping the destiny of future generations. With this book, we celebrate one hundred noble men in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who have accomplished the extraordinary, leaving an indelible mark on history. These are stories about life, love, and a remarkable determination to do one’s best—messages that reveal to the reader that neither happiness nor greatness is found in compromising self, but instead, both are found in reaching toward a higher source. By reaching up, these men have reached out to make a valuable difference.

    Men of Character

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