Death of a Carpet Dealer By Karin Wahlberg

    100308 - 100314 Kindle Edition too predictable.
    I just did not believe the characters Kindle Edition I did not like this one at all. I have enjoyed all the previous once but this was just slow, boring and a bad story. Kindle Edition This book is part of our local book store's reading list for the year.

    There were parts of this book I really liked. I've been to Istanbul so I really enjoyed the familiar scenery there. I often wonder about writers who get really gorey in their descriptions, do they have a hidden streak of violence that is lurking beneath? I'm biased, I do prefer the mystery to be more about the who did it, rather than be told in minute detail of a brutal attack on a human being.

    At times, I got lost in all the details, people who meandered in and out of the story with no apparent connection. For some, having the mystery anchored in tedious details of daily life is interesting. I find the incessant commentaries about nursing babies and going to the toilet and unpleasant smells detract rather than add to the suspense. I rather like it when at the end you have a clear sense of the what and why. This book left with me a few too many loose ends to suit me.

    I did like the tie in to the classic story of Ture Sventon. I loved those books and it kindled fond memories.

    Kindle Edition Liked it. Great characters, quirks and all. Nice interplay between countries and cultures. Lived in Turkey in the 70's and found the differences and the sameness fascinating. I had figured out who the bad guy was early in the book but it didn't really retract as the chase wasn't the thing. I'll look for more of Wahlberg's books. Kindle Edition


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    Brutalne zabójstwo szwedzkiego sprzedawcy dywanów podczas jego podróży w interesach do Turcji zmusza komisarza Claesa Claessona, któremu właśnie urodziła się druga córka, do nagłego wyjazdu do Stambułu. Tragiczne wydarzenie staje się początkiem ekscytującej opowieści o mrocznych tajemnicach rodzinnych, cennym dywanie oraz - jak zawsze w książkach Karin Wahlberg - o codzienności, a także marzeniach, z których bohaterowie czerpią siłę, by uporać się z niespodziewaną śmiercią w rodzinie. Death of a Carpet Dealer

    Readers who like the British-style mysteries in which a lot of the characters’ time is spent taking tea and fixing meals and gardening and allowing the reader to get to know everyone will appreciate this book. It is not for those who prefer the roller-coaster experience.

    This is the sixth mystery in the Claes Claesson series, featuring Police Commissioner Claes Claesson and his wife Veronika Lundborg, a doctor at Oskarshamn Hospital. The author used to work as a doctor there, and the scenes taking place in the hospital have an air of authenticity one doesn’t usually find in crime novels.

    As the story begins, Carl-Ivar Olsson, a local rug dealer, is murdered while in Istanbul on a rug-buying trip. Thus Claes and one of his fellow officers who speaks Turkish, Mustafa Ozen, have to make a trip to Istanbul to investigate the crime. Meanwhile back in Oskarshamn, there are further crimes related to Olsson’s store and Turkish rugs, and at times, the hijinks come to resemble those in Jo Nesbo’s Headhunters, another crime novel dealing with objets d′art. For the most part, however, the story is a slow-moving and realistic-seeming depiction of the quotidian progression from crime to resolution, with the investigating principals juggling home and work life, errands and kids, and the need for evidence versus the difficulty of obtaining it.

    In the course of resolving the crime, we, along with the police, come to learn a great deal about the religious, cultural, and historical significance of different kinds of Turkish carpets and rugs. There isn’t too much of it, yet it is interesting enough that one wishes the book included illustrations! (Fortunately for us, we can supplement our reading with the Internet; there is a lovely post with info and pictures on Wikipedia, under Turkish carpet.)

    Evaluation: In spite of this book being part of a series, I was in no way hampered by a lack of knowledge about the previous five books. I found the book entertaining, if not a page-turner. The detailed confession at the end of the book didn’t seem realistic to me. It added a bit of interest, however, that two other crimes were left unresolved, even though the police knew the likely perpetrators.
    Kindle Edition Så fik jeg et nyt og meget behageligt krimibekendtskab…
    Anmeldelser fra Sverige lover, at den er på højde med Marklund og Maria Lang… Nuvel tænkte jeg,
    Så er barren sat højt. Jeg trådte mine krimi-barnesko som teenager i Maria Langs univers med Christer Wijk, og har tidligere været ovenud begejstret for Marklund… Så for mit vedkommende, var min interesse vakt med det samme, og jeg kastede mig med stor iver over Tæppehandlerens død, den 4. i serien om den sympatiske kriminalkommissær Claes Claesson.
    Og lad mig bare løfte sløret: Jeg er VILDT begejstret… Det er godt nok længe siden, jeg læst en krimi så gennemført, med så megen pondus og med et så bredt persongalleri.
    Fra side et i denne pageturner er jeg inde i dette vidunderlige univers, både den svenske og tyrkiske handling, har så meget nerve, at jeg faktisk visuelt er der selv.
    Handlingen og plottet holder hele vejen, jeg, som læser, er med til langsomt at gennemtrevle alle informationer og danne mine egne meninger. Sjældent har jeg læst så gennemført en beskrivelse af opklaringsarbejdet, det er sublim forfatterkunst :D
    At jeg som læser er med i forreste række hele tiden, gør handlingen langt mere virkelig, der er ingen utopier eller lette overspring… Det kører bare.
    Der er en perlerække af personer i denne krimi, alle er velbeskrevede, jeg er inde under huden på dem alle, og fornemmer klart deres natur, både den viste og den lidet charmerende indeni.
    Jeg er som sagt voldsomt begejstret, og da dette var min første, er jeg nu nødsaget til at tage en maraton med de første 3 i serien, jeg har en fornemmelse af, at de holder hvad denne lover :D
    Jeg ville ønske jeg kunne give 6 hjerter, men må jo lade mig nøje med de 5 som er mulige… Kindle Edition Overly long, badly edited, two-dimensional characters, soap opera subplots, and many uninteresting info dumps on everything from rugs to the plants of the Swedish countryside to surgical asepsis procedure to where the detective got his coffee cups. Most of the inner thoughts of these characters are pretty bland and judgmental. The bad guy is telegraphed very early on and the detective gets after him for no other reason than the author wants him to. The plot itself is massively uninteresting and maybe the author realizes this because it's buried under a mound of character navel gazing, minor character subplots, and unnecessary detail. The detectives don't even go to Turkey where the carpet dealer met his untimely death until halfway through the book. I kept thinking that someone other than the designated bad guy would turn out to have done it but nope. No surprises.
    The whole thing felt like it was co-written by a fourteen year old girl what with the melodramatic relationship woes and clothing descriptions. One poor female character is brutally assaulted, goes missing, and is never heard from again. Maybe it is all more fun when you've read the previous books in the series and are attached to the detective and his family but I doubt it. So much time is devoted to following the family of the carpet dealer that there is very little attention paid to anything else not even developing the plot or the feelings of the detective's wife who just gave birth. I had to highlight character names and make note of who they are because I couldn't ever tell if a character mentioned by another would become important or if the character who we just had a chapter in their point of view would ever show up again.
    No more from this author thank you very much, I pass. Kindle Edition Ok, varken mer eller mindre... Kindle Edition Wonderfully detailed Swedish crime novel, featuring a surprisingly normal detective. Kindle Edition