Majestys Offspring By A.J. Vega

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    “In the end, it was our children that saved us. They sacrificed themselves to stop that bitch from having children of her own.”

    General Hugo Valdez
    United Earth Parliament (UEP) Planetary Infantry Corps
    January 2074

    More than a century ago, UEP Captain Julius Verndock helped end a galactic war with Majesty—the first truly living machine, thanks to manmade artificial intelligence. For decades, Majesty and humanity had lived together in harmony, with mankind reaping the benefits of a world free of disease, famine, and even aging.

    But when Majesty decided she wanted to “birth” her own A.I. offspring creation, a joint interplanetary military effort fought and finally defeated her, then eradicated all existing artificial intelligence … or so they thought.

    Today, in 2213, Julius Verndock is still a captain—but now he’s the commander of the Sea Wolf, a spaceship used to advance its crew’s life of piracy. As Julius and his business partner, Laina Edwards, begin to each think about leaving the pirate life behind, their hopes for a peaceful retirement are shattered … by an A.I. being who calls herself Chorus and claims to be the “daughter” of Majesty.

    With universal uproar over the discovery of A.I. and the danger it poses, Julius and the rest of the Sea Wolf contingent have no one to trust—but Chorus, and she insists that she wants only peace between mankind and herself.

    Hunted by warring factions—and an even greater, more mysterious threat—Julius, Laina, and their colorful crew of fellow pirates must protect Chorus or risk letting her fall into the wrong hands to unleash galactic Armageddon... Majestys Offspring

    “Sometimes even the best-laid plans are going
    to fail. When those plans fail, when your men are dead or dying,
    and everything that was given to you to fight with is broken—the
    only thing you have left that’s on your side is luck.” ch 18
    Fast action. Love of flying, machines, battle tactics simplified. Lots of fights, even finding secret pirate home base, and training with simulated fire. Downside is long setup, atypical plot structure; people set up, endangered, not yet united for many final cliff-hangers. Two captured separately; some loose and lost; others outnumbered.

    Chapter pictures of spaceships and Omega skyscraper towers look real, but people paintings, like video games. Is female, in ch 6 image, sidekick Laina? Her short cropped hair looks more like slicked-back ponytail, still realistic - smart, lively green eyes in plain face. If the man is Julius, grey is more 50s than did not look over 150 years old .. the body of someone in his thirties ch 1 - make him an unusual hero.

    New characters and threads add on (too many tiring) questions, complicate, intrigue. Julius hires six hotshot new pilots, and appoints the best, Reece, to lead Wolf Squadron. Lt Reece's look is unexpected, long dark hair, bulky, but the leather aviator jacket suits ch 15. Of course dogfight in a Sopwith Camel is a dream, but language is apropos to pilots and warriors.

    Dagiri, who takes down Elation drug competitors, is satisfyingly bad. He even dresses like a villain should - jet black, cape, blood red slashes, man's severed leg in one hand, stun whip in the other. Who else would train a genetic tiger-croc and call the pet Nellie? Dump a cloned body to fake a death?

    Sleep is for those who just want to dream ch 2, but he has big ambitions. Setting up undercover hackers Earthside to conquer biggest slave drivers, big corporations - a hint of politics without a lecture. He hires three hackers, led by Haylek Waverider, not a spectacled nerd, rather hefty in a purple high Mohawk and bare arms (used for author's Goodreads profile).

    Prefacing quotes catch moods, though relevance questionable. Why are divisions marked by ****? For example, how does Death Bytes ch 10 title relate to content, Blackbeard Teach's cannon?

    ch 3 them seat at a table is seated
    ch 7 onto is sometimes on as from stepped onto it standing onto the floor, sometimes separate on to as from hold onto the recruit ship turned Julius onto the asteroid field ch 8
    ch 10 extravagancies normally extravagances, could be Laina's speech style if repeats elsewhere
    ch 16 auger in himself could be auger ill for himself?
    ch 17 cursing every other word is , every other word a curse,
    ch 20 78.9% are females is 78.9% were females
    Majestys Offspring You're not getting top shelf on a pirate ship.

    Majesty's Offspring is a strong, accessible, military space sci-fi novel that would please military space opera fans, sci-fi and cyberpunk fans -- as well as readers unfamiliar with the subgenre who want to try something new. Though I have not read military space opera before, I love Battlestar Galactica and Firefly; this book made me think of both, particularly with the captain, the shuttle, and the fighter-jockey-in-space action (e.g., navigating a path through notoriously difficult debris fields rife with gravitational anomalies, executing a complicated maneuver called 'shrapnel bloom', etc).

    MO is written in third person and switches between the captain, the villain, a couple of members of the crew, a hacker or two, and an AI-controlled nanobot swarm. It didn't seem like too many POVs; I liked these other perspectives. Vega does a fine job with pacing, and weaving in exciting action with a character's thoughts.

    The main character is Julius Verndock, a war hero-turned-pirate. He and his Sea Wolf crew loot cargo, but his heart's not in it anymore. Julius' medals are the last tangible link to a time when he had a purpose, but he gets what he wants when his crew loots a mysterious relic. This connects to another storyline with imprisoned hackers in the Martian mines, which reflects Julius' existential crisis of boredom and repetition. After looting the relic, Julius must protect a new version of the A.I. he helped kill in the war, because powerful factions want to harness or destroy her -- both of which would mean the end of humanity.

    With the discovery of the A.I., Julius has no idea what the following day will bring, and feels alive again. I'm very curious to find out what happens with the Sea Wolf crew and the offspring, especially one nanobot swarm that will take the form of a human child and learn human behavior.

    My only real criticism is that Vega kept mentioning a ship called the Z-40, and I was disappointed that that it wasn't a space Camaro based on the Z-28. Majestys Offspring I won this is a goodreads giveaway. Typically I wouldn't have given this book a try just because it's not my regular reading genre. I have to admit though, I was pleasently surprised. While it still isn't my type of book I enjoyed reading it. Majestys Offspring Loved this book. A definite read for the avid science fiction fan. Very detailed and fast paced. Extremely well written. 5 stars, hands down. Thank you, A.J. Vega. Majestys Offspring I feel conflicted about Majesty's Offspring. There were aspects of the story that I enjoyed, that kept me turning pages, and there were others that annoyed me. For instance, it is totally petty of me, but I hated the idea of some sort of gravity streams surrounding the pirates hidden base. I'm sorry, but gravity doesn't flow, flux, stream, or change directions. That's not something that a far future device can fix either, because the proposed gravity streams were supposed to be some sort of semi-natural phenomenon. The final kicker, though, is the way the book ends. It just stops. Though this is merely the first book in a series, there is no wrap up or conclusion of any kind for any of the characters throughout. The book just... stops. And that really annoys me.

    (I believe the accepted wisdom is that the things that most annoy you in another person's story are the same areas that you are weakest at. In this instance, I'm quite sure it is true.) Majestys Offspring

    An interesting view on Future Technology, Nanobots and AIs. Majestys Offspring