Love in Focus (Second Chance with You #9) By Franky A. Brown

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    Is it possible to have a picture perfect vacation…with your ex?

    Struggling photographer Laura Whaley is thrilled to shoot a week-long family reunion on the beach. But getting to stay in a beach house for free isn't as exciting when she learns it's her ex-boyfriend's family. Focusing on her work is nearly impossible when it comes to taking snapshots of the man who once captured her heart.

    Scott Hodgkins is shocked to see Laura again, but his mother is livid. Things didn’t exactly go well the last time they were all together. Trying to convince his mother that Laura is only the photographer and nothing more, only goes so far, because he’s not sure that’s how he feels. His mother is holding the keys to his dream of starting his own business, but what if Laura still holds the key to his heart?

    One week on the beach can change everything, but only if they let it.

    Love in Focus is part of the Second Chance With You series. All books in this series are standalone and can be read in any order. Love in Focus (Second Chance with You #9)

    Love rules!

    A sweet second chance romance story. The story shows how important communication and honesty is...and accepting you can’t always have everyone like you. Btw, I love Edisto..or as the natives call it Edislow! Love in Focus (Second Chance with You #9) 3.5 stars - a great beach read

    Firstly, this was a sweet story that I enjoyed reading - that's the most important quality for any book.

    It was a little too much soap opera angst and misunderstanding for my taste; and the characters are frequently a little too good to be true. But I've always loved fairytales, so even though several things were implausible enough to cause me to mentally roll my eyes, sometimes the right side of the brain just overrides the left and we enjoy it anyway - - as I did in this case & believe most will too.

    Clean romance level: sweet kisses Love in Focus (Second Chance with You #9) Laura and Scott may no longer be dating, but they can't help but be drawn to one another when they end up on the same beach for Scott's family reunion. Scott and Laura are both good people and really sweet together. Scott's family all take a liking to Laura as well and help throw them together, that is except for Scott's Mom. She is the big stumbling block keeping these two apart. This is a sweet second chance romance with a wonderful crazy family dynamic. Love in Focus (Second Chance with You #9) Loved it!

    I really enjoyed this book. Laura and Scott were perfect for each other but his mom thought she knew better. How they handled the entire situation was great 👍 ! Love in Focus (Second Chance with You #9) Easy-to-read

    Right on page 1 Laura meets Scott again - a man she’d never planned to see again - and I immediately felt ‘this could be good’.

    Neither of them willing to admit they miss the other. That there WAS definitely something there. Will they get a second chance at love?

    A cute romance, with of course a sweet HEA. Light-hearted. It could maybe have used a little more depth, but I did really like it. Easy-to-read, pleasant.
    Love in Focus (Second Chance with You #9)