Love at First Sight By Elaine Harper

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    As the new girl in town, Janine Anderson had no way of knowing that she had just flipped over one of the most popular boys in school. Craig Matthews was a public figure, a star athlete already dating a cheerleader.

    When an after-school job brought Janine and Craig together, Janine's happiness knew no bounds. But being friends with Craig turned out to be more complicated than Janine expected -- especially when a jealous classmate stirred up rumors that came between them. Love at First Sight

    I can't rate this, because I read it back around 87 when it was reissued.

    But it cracks me up, because when I read it, I read the fmc's name as Jay-nine. LOL Love at First Sight This is one of the more intense First Love books. I remember being so drawn in and how intense the feelings were. I think this book is geared towards older teens who can envision the idea that one might meet the person that one would want to spend a lifetime with. My sister owned the books and I read hers, but she let me have this one and the two sequels. One of my favorites. Love at First Sight Huh, that was...interesting. Janine falls for celebrity/god Craig and constructs a shrine to him after meeting him once. For his part, Craig was an overbearing jackass so I didn’t feel too bad for him that he was likely to end up chained in Janine’s basement. Plus, my inner editor gave up the ghost about midway through. Terribly written teen novel about unpleasant, off-putting characters. I suggest passing on this one. Love at First Sight I read this book when I was 13 years old and it was sooo romantic (back then), especially the Boz Scaggs soundtrack. I bought a Boz cassette. Another example of how I was warped by reading cheesy books. Love at First Sight This book hits all the teen romance tropes from the 80s and early 90s - instant attraction, nerd/athlete mismatch, tutoring, school spirit, afterschool jobs, misunderstandings, reunions, and a happy ending. Oh, and let's not forget the ombré prom dress (which in my imagination is still one of the most gorgeous dresses ever).

    This was one of my comfort reads when I was in high school. The school library had a copy, and I think I was the only one to check it out in all my years as a student there. Many years later, and I regret that I didn't steal the book when I had the chance. Hoping that if I find a copy it's satisfying as I remember. Love at First Sight


    Great teen book. Timeless even for today's teen. Love at First Sight I read almost of all the books by First love from Silhouette when I was very young. Love at First Sight I loved this book when I was in high school. Love at First Sight Another favorite. Love at First Sight read this as a teen Love at First Sight