Locker Room Lust: M/M/F (Forbidden Fantasies) By Sonja Steel

    Do you dare to be naughty? To indulge in some of your darkest, wildest, most forbidden, sensual fantasies?

    How about when you're tucked in bed, or stealing a private moment? Are you ready to be carried away to a place of forbidden delights?

    Check out this short-but-satisfying Forbidden Fantasy from Sonja Steel, sure to make you tingle in all the right places...

    I moved through the rows of lockers. The office was in the back. Once I’d locked up, I could get the hell out of there and take a much needed nosedive into a pint of rocky road.
    A slapping noise met my ears, then a muffled grunt. Is someone here?
    I moved quietly, not wanting to surprise some guy in a towel. I peered around the last row of lockers into the open shower area. Brandon and Matt from the swim team were there, but it wasn’t their naked bodies that made me gasp and cover my mouth. It was what they were doing with them.
    Brandon had Matt’s **ck in his hand and was stroking it slowly, running his other hand over the man’s chest. Matt’s eyes were closed, and he braced himself against the edge of the shower, the warm water running down his back. Brandon’s **ck was as stiff as Matt’s, his longer, but not as thick.
    The sight of these two hot guys naked and showering together made my jaw drop. Luckily, I was in the shadow of the locker, peering around the edge, so they hopefully wouldn’t catch me watching them.
    Oh, God, I shouldn’t be here...
    I should get out of here and let them have some privacy, I thought. But, I stayed glued to that spot, biting my lip as Matt’s hand lowered to stroke Brandon’s balls...

    *READ INSIDE for a preview of what's in store!*

    Warning: This is a tale containing forbidden, naughty, and sensual scenarios. Not for the faint of heart! 18+ readers only, please.

    Enjoy this forbidden fantasy, alone, or with that special someone who shares your heart, or maybe just your bed...

    ~Sonja Locker Room Lust: M/M/F (Forbidden Fantasies)

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