Living Without a Goal By James Ogilvy

    A few pages into this book, it becomes clear that Ogilvy had one goal: to sell books to schmucks who can't formulate positive, workable goals for their lives.

    A good friend had tried to read this book, and he passed it on to me to find out whether I could find anything of genuine interest in it. I failed in that goal. Perhaps I shouldn't have set such a goal to begin with, but instead have simply set back and enjoyed Ogilvy's prose. I think I would have failed at that goal, too. My next goal is to pass the book on to someone else to see if it benefits his life any more than it did mine. I expect that goal to be missed as well. But then, maybe that's Ogilvy's point... 0385417993 This book explains many of the ways we think about life, work, love, and goals. It went through ways that we approach what life is about and I recognized myself in various of the stages of deciding what that is for me and how to do it. Often there are Big Goals or one overwhelming Goal. At any rate, the author introduces much philosophy and explains what we have thought in the past about our purpose and how we may do well to not have so much of a purpose. More about being vs. doing knowing vs. understanding, looking at form vs. function, and maybe just letting it be a bit more enjoying instead of having a duty to be productive. No answers given. Something to think about and maybe read this book more than once. 0385417993 Recommended
    A very interesting book. I had this book on my shelf pushing 30 years now and I finally got down to reading it. Will let that just sit there w/o referencing the title.

    I don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't this - and I loved it. In particular, chapters 3-7 and chapter 9 stand out as particularly good. Though the book is not obviously dated in some ways it isn't in any important ways so it remains valuable and interesting. 0385417993 I would probably call this self-help but I don't have a shelf for that because it's not generally my thing. I like the title and the thesis I have come to believe that a life enslaved to a single Goal, no matter how noble, becomes a mechanism rather than an organism, a business plan rather than a biography, a tool rather than a gift.

    So that's what I liked.

    It has the tone of those superficial business pep talk books but is championing taking a less goal oriented approach to life. That sums it up.
    0385417993 I like to think that I know something about living without a goal, after all I have been doing it long enough. This book naturally attracted my interest, but barely sustained it throughout the read. The author does offer some very thought provoking insights, but overall it was just too dense to be enjoyable, too much like a textbook. Maybe some more examples or some humor would have made it an easier read. I'm not suggesting it should have been dumbed down for the masses, but more accessibility would have been nice. 0385417993

    In what may be the most radical business book ever published, philosopher Jay Ogilvy shows that living without a goal is the only way to accomplish anything. In the 1980s we ran our lives with all the direction and confidence filofaxes and to-do lists could provide. Always knowing exactly where we were headed, we climbed toward the goals corporate America held out in front of us like so many carrots: higher salaries, better titles, more impressive offices. But after a decade of climbing, the air is getting thin. We crave the chance to create, to express ourselves, and to make a difference, not just a living. It is time, says businessman/philosopher James Ogilvy, to tear up the to-do lists and grant ourselves the freedom to enjoy what E. M. Forster calls the lights and shades that exist in the greyest conversation. Ogilvy shows that richness and color and flavor flood back into our lives once we set aside the goals that hold us captive. He explores how philosophers (from Plato to Nietzsche), lovers, ideologues, and executives have at one time or another lived without goals. What emerges from his argument is a new look at how to achieve personal creativity and freedom by fashioning one's day to-day life, not as a larger goal-producing machine, but as a personal work of art. Living Without a Goal


    Found nothing of interest in this rambling, disjointed book. 0385417993 Not a bad read,but honestly I had to use the dictionary a lot! 0385417993 lots and lots of words very little meaning 0385417993

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