Liverpool in the 1940s. By Brenda Allen

    Free read Liverpool in the 1940s.


    A twenty seven thousand word account of Liverpool through the 1940s, telling of the War years, the bombing and evacuation; of terrifying nights in the air raid shelter during the bombing of Liverpool. This is the true story of one family and how they coped with rationing and all the traumas of wartime. The story includes an account of their son who is in the RAF as a rear gunner and whose plane ditches into the Bristol Channel.Their eldest son is with the 8th Army in North Africa. The father of the family is Chief Air Raid Warden for his area. One cannot but admire the resourcefulness of the parents of the family and their efforts to earn money and make-do and mend, to keep their family clothed and fed.You will read of the courage of a thirteen year old boy who takes on the role of 'man of the house' when his father is away at sea, and carries out Fire Watching duties with older boys and men. A story of this nature cannot be told without tragedy and sadness, but it also contains a good deal of geographical interest to those who love Liverpool as I do. I hope the account of this decade in Liverpool will prove to be a good read for you, and as always, I serve my stories with a generous portion of humour. Enjoy.

    Liverpool in the 1940s.