Les Schwab Pride in Performance: Keep It Going By Les Schwab

    Schwabism ! Keep it going Les Schwab Easy to read first hand account of one of the Pacific Northwest's business pioneers. Les Schwab This guy understood how to create human systems that worked. Les Schwab I read this out loud as a request by the hubs and son. There are some interesting parts to the story (mainly some of Les's personal history) as well as long, dull stretches that go on and on about selling tires and building the Les Schwab business (as you'd expect). Turns out Les Schwab is a really amazing and unusual company in how well the employees are treated and for all the programs the company offers its workers. Knowing what I now know, I know where I always want to go to get my tires done, lol. Overall, for ME, this was a terribly dry book that was hard to wade through and I would have skipped it had it not been for our family read-aloud time (the boys are thoroughly enjoying it though). Les Schwab Truly a great American capitalist Les Schwab


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    This is written by a true good old boy who made it. A refreshingly simple and successful outlook on business without the bull shit. Les Schwab Who doesn’t like a rags to riches story - an autobiography on the tireman himself. Biggest takeaway was the importance of creating and maintaining good relationships. Les Schwab Les Schwab's autobiography was a great read. While it could've used some professional editing and had a number of random stories included, it paints a good picture of Schwab's philosophy and how he built up his company over the years.

    I think this would be an excellent read for anyone who is in leadership in a company. Les Schwab My friend Eddie sent me a stack of retailers books earlier this year. The best in the bunch was Les Schwab's autobiography, which he sells in every one of his Les Schwab Tires stores in the Pacific Northwest. This book is poorly written with many many typos, but you really get a feel for how psychotic and energetic you have to be to make it as a retailer. Perhaps the most chilling passage in the book comes when Schwab's only son kills himself after leaving his job at the tire retreading plant. Schwab Sr. says something like He could have been a good tire man and leaves it at that. Amazing book. Les Schwab
    “Les was a self made man. Good story about the rise to success of a paper boy from the depression days who turned out to be a multi-millionare in the Tire Business. He valued honesty, loyalty and plain old common sense and hard work. His favorite saying was, Life is hard. He kept it simple and it workded for him and his company. I've been a Les Schwab customer for many years. I had heard that Les was a member of the Prineville Missionary Baptist Church. I am a Missionary Baptist. I was a little disappointed in the lack of spirituality in the book but the theme was Pride in Performance, one of the mottos of Les Schwab stores and Les showed very systematically what worked and what did not work for him in his rise to the TOP in the Tire Business here in the Great Northwest. A Good read. ”
    Larry K wrote this review Thursday, May 28, 2009. Les Schwab