Lace Lassos (Rough and Ready, #2) By Cheyenne McCray

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    Eight years ago Wayne Cameron hit rock bottom when Kaitlyn Barrett walked out of his life after she had done everything she could for him. She'd had to do what he couldn't—walk away from his addictions. Now a decorated soldier, Wayne was Special Forces in Afghanistan but returned to ranching life after an injury taken under fire.

    Kaitlyn returns home to Southern Arizona to take over her father's ranch as she runs away from her demons...and she runs right into Wayne, her first and only real love. Despite her belief that she needs to keep those demons to herself, her and Wayne's desire and need take them straight to bed. He has everything he wants in life but he wants to burn up the sheets while earning back the love of his life.

    Now that Kaitlyn is back, Wayne is determined to show her that he's a changed man and that he's there for her as she faces the darkness that once threatened to consume her. Forces are working against Kaitlyn, trying to keep her from finding her new start. But that same element shows her that she really does need Wayne's love, help, and support.

    Together they work to save her ranch and restore a love meant to last for e Lace Lassos (Rough and Ready, #2)

    Second Chance

    I liked Wayne and Kait. This was a second chance romance. There was a bit of mystery and suspense to add to the romance.

    Lace and Lassos was a very quick read. I would have appreciated the story behind Kait's cousin and his hatred of her. Was it just greed? I was surprised that there wasn't more reaction after the tables were turned. I kept waiting for something that never happened, but, that is on me.

    Overall, a quick, sexy, and enjoyable second chance romance. English Yet another good sexy Cowboy book from Cheyenne McCray. I really liked both the H&h's in this book. I loved how the family pulled together and gave their support. The loves scene were steamy and the romance believable for me.

    I wish these stories would be longer but overall I did really enjoy them and I look forwards to the next book. English Enjoyable, but preferred #1. Like reading about the family of cowboys and their relationship with their partners/wives. Nice characters. 3☆ English Kaitlyn returns home to Arizona after 8 years for her father's funeral. She has decided she is going to stay and make of go of restoring the Rocking B Ranch back to a working ranch. Kaitlyn left 8 years ago after putting her childhood sweetheart Wayne Cameron into a program for alcoholism. During those 8 year she went to school and got married but she was married to a verbal abuser who caused her already fragile psyche to lead her into a deep depression.

    Eight years ago Wayne Cameron hit rock bottom when Kaitlyn walked out of his life. He realized he needed to beat his addiction and become and man she could be proud of and after treatment joined the Army and then Special Forces. On his last mission he knee was blown out and he decided to come home and return to ranching.

    It doesnt take Wayne and Kaitlyn long to reconnect and start up where they left off all those years ago - even with both of them having there own set of demons from there past.

    Kaitlyn's cousin decides to throw a monkey wrench in her short lived happiness by claiming that the Rocking B isnt her ranch and she has 5 days to get off it.. Seems her father never filed the paper work on the Quit Claim Deep when he and he brother split up the land when there father died.

    English This is an engaging, quick read. When Kait returns home after 8 years of being away, the old attraction between her and Wayne is instant and strong. He tells her right up front that he never stopped loving her. It takes her a little longer to accept that she still feels the same way. MCCray shows that they are both different people; life has changed them, but that they are essentially the same good, loving people they always were. And when Kait's livelihood is threatened, Wayne steps up to help protect her and her property. English

    I liked this one better than the first English I enjoyed this book and it was well-written. I do like the Cameron family and I'm looking forward to reading more. My one gripe is that in this book things moved a little fast at times. For someone who was supposed to have problems, Kaitlyn had a pretty fast turnaround. The end seemed a little rushed and then in the epilogue, we just jump forward in time. Still, it wasn't a bad enough problem to put me off, so we'll see what the next book is like. English I loved this book. I actually have the first three in a boxed set and I’m loving it so far. Loved how Wayne had a wake up call when his love Kaitlyn (Kait) left him. She’s now back, but she’s been through so much. He’s never letting her go again. I felt for her as her cousin seems to want to take away her inheritance. Loved staying on edge and loved their happy ever after. I highly recommend this book. English Star crossed young lovers. She left so he would save himself, and move on. For Kaitlin it meant letting go of a dream. Abused and battered she returns home to take over her fathers ranch only to have her worst fears re emerge English Better than the first but not by much. English