Chauvet Cave: The Art of Earliest Times By Jean Clottes

    An exceptionally good cave-art book, that was written not long after this French cave was discovered. If you are interested in prehistoric cave art, this book is a must-read! Beautifully-reproduced photos. The cave itself is closed to the general public. Here is more information and some photos:
    This might be my favorite: a wooly rhino! Hardcover A must-read to learn about our ancient ancestors. Fantastic pictures too. Hardcover Beautiful photos in this book and very informative. Hardcover Spelunkers Jean-Marie Chauvet, Eliette Brunel, and Christian Hillaire discovered Chaubet Cave in southern France in 1994. Jean Clottes and his team were chosen by the French government to do a study of the limestone cave which has evidence of human activity dating over 30,000 years ago. The team found wonderful cave paintings--mostly animals, hand prints and other signs--which were made using various artistic techniques. They also studied the cave floor which contained stalagmites, hearths for making charcoal, skulls and bones of at least 170 bears who had used the cave for hibernation, as well as evidence of other wildlife. The book is a group effort of thirty team members who wrote interesting chapters about the various chambers of the large cave, accompanied by high quality photographs of the cave art. Readers with an interest in art or archeology will find this book a real treat. Hardcover So fascinating!! :) :) Hardcover

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    This book offers the first in-depth look at a significant archaeological site. The full-color photographs make this tightly restricted site accessible to all. Chauvet Cave: The Art of Earliest Times