Journey to the Center of the Earth (AmazonClassics Edition) By Jules Verne

    A sixteenth century cryptogram spurs modern geologist Otto Liedenbrock to embark on the most remarkable human quest ever taken. With his nephew and guide, he leads the descent from a dormant Icelandic volcano into the unexplored realm beneath their feet. There, a vast subterranean ocean, prehistoric creatures, and natural phenomena are but a few of the wonders hidden from all but the boldest eyes. Journey to the Center of the Earth epitomizes the subterranean fiction genre. Author Jules Verne leads readers deep below the worlds surface to the core of his inventive, visionary mind.Classics brings you timeless works from the masters of storytelling. Ideal for anyone who wants to read a great work for the first time or rediscover an old favorite, these new editions open the door to literatures most unforgettable characters and beloved worlds. Journey to the Center of the Earth (AmazonClassics Edition)


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    I picked up this novel last September with the idea of reading it but never got around to it until after Christmas when I was bought a proper Kindle reader. This is the first book by Verne I have read and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. The writing style is descritive and engaging and (to a technically minded person) reads almost as a scientific paper. The way in which the journey is recorded and described is almost as if it were a real life expedition that had been reported in a Journal.Despite some of the 1star reviews on here I have not noticed any strange tagging or evidence that it has been converted from another format, the page numbering is exact and the time left in chapter/book works fine.This has certainly spurred me on to read by Verne, will probably go for Around the World in 80 Days next to see if that has the same descriptive style. Journey to the Center of the Earth (AmazonClassics Edition) This is a novel that appeals to only a few, possibly those who like myself read and reread it when in their teens.(A long time ago).At the time Science Fiction was not approved of unless it was Dan Dare etc. To be frank it is dated, nowadays the plot, technology and characterisation is seen as one dimensional. And it is.But. Reading it does take you back to younger days, if you have any to remember. What I am trying to say is that at the time it was Independence Day, Lord of the rings et al. Please read it but do allow for its age. And enjoy. Journey to the Center of the Earth (AmazonClassics Edition)

    Me gusta muchisimo, y siempre regreso a leer lo. Fue de Los primeros libro que lei de pasta a pasta. Tengo una toma en paperback ya hace 45 años y lo saco a leer cuando me da nostialja por sentir un libro an las manos :) Journey to the Center of the Earth (AmazonClassics Edition) Thank You Classics for re printing this book.I relived my childhood days while reading this book. This was my first novel, I read it in 5th grade.Jules Verne was the author who's work gave me the wings of imagination, possibilities, courage.And this book needs no review at all. I'm sure, every literate person have read his work atleast once in their lifetime.Please grab a copy and shed off your regrets. Journey to the Center of the Earth (AmazonClassics Edition) I should have checked the number of pages (something I don't normally deem necessary to do) for this version, as it seems to be a childlike oversimplification of the story. Whereas other sources state the true book should be around 200 pages, this is a mere 30. The story is rushed through and you lose all sense of wonderment and discovery that I imagined this story would evoke.Don't make the same mistake I did, do not get this version. Journey to the Center of the Earth (AmazonClassics Edition) As long as the heart beats, as long as your body and soul keep together, I cannot admit that any creature endowed with a will has need to despair of lifeI thought this book was brilliant and superbly well written by Venre as I will summarise below.It follows 3 main characters: 1) Professor Lidenbrock: a scientific genius who does not know when to quit even when the odds are less than 1% of success.2) His Nephew, Axel: our narrator written in a similar way to Conon Doyle's Sherlock Holmes or Leroux's Joseph Routabille stories. The insider following and reporting on the bizarre genius of the main character. He is also highly intelligent but worries a bit too much. He is the human/ emotional character is this death defying adventure.3) Hans: Our trusty hunter, servant, side kick who is quiet, composed and saves every ones life about 3 times.I analysed this book as having 3 divisions in the way the story was created and therefore progressed.To begin with decoding a bizarre cipher, establishing the plot and the build up to the mission ending up in Iceland.Secondly, a quite sombre, despondent and slow segment about our gang penetrating the Earth via volcano and happenings in the seedy under passages in the worlds crust. One scene truly stood out for me here which raised the tempo. Axel finds himself lost from his crew with no rations, no light really know hope. This scene was harrowing and claustrophobic as a reader we obviously put ourselves in that nightmare scenario. That was gripping.Finally, about the last 40% is all full of over enthusiastic energy and vigour and it is great. Superbly paced narrative at this point including scenes of seeing fighting prehistoric monsters, being lost at sea in unbelievable and intense electric storms and if that all wasn't fun enough to conclude they get rip roaringly catapulted out of a volcano!! The book has some great set pieces.For some people I can see it is not an easy read. It is very science based and used so much specialist language that it could put people off. I have said previously that wish wasn't an issue to me as I believe the effort you put in to a book rewards the overall outcome. I am not a scientist but if I want to be in this world I have to adapt, enjoy and sometimes even learn the relevant terminology to get in to the characters minds.The first 2 sections I mentioned were 4 star. The final section is 6 star hence the review. It is reminiscent of Conon Doyle's adventure tale The Lost World but instead of Professor Challenger and friends going up a formation/ mountain to find an amazing world, Professor Lidenbrock and chums do the opposite and go down. I will hopefully read another of the Extraordinary Voyages books soon and hope they follow in the same vein.James x[] Journey to the Center of the Earth (AmazonClassics Edition) Muy bueno y hermosa presentacion!!! Journey to the Center of the Earth (AmazonClassics Edition)