Jimmie Joe Johnson: Manwhore (Possum Hollow, #1) By Lindsey Brookes


    Fact is, just about every single female in Possum Hollow, Alabama—along with most of the attached ones—has enjoyed my services. And not just as an auto mechanic, if you know what I mean. With me, women know exactly what to expect. A sweet ride, and no promises.

    But even a manwhore has rules. Like stayin’ away from Baylee Jean Brown. As teenagers, Baylee Jean and I were hot and heavy. Then her Aunt Callie Rae warned me off, sayin’ I'd never be good enough. Seeing as the women in Baylee Jean’s family all have witch blood, and I figured Callie Rae was fixin’ to do something unmentionable to my man parts, I agreed. But now suddenly, Baylee Jean—smart, sexy, wild—is all over me. She wants me bad—hell, who doesn’t? But, if there’s one woman who could bring a hound dog to heel, it might be her… Jimmie Joe Johnson: Manwhore (Possum Hollow, #1)

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    I must not have a very good sense of humor because according to author C. L. Wilson this was – “The most hilarious book I've read in years--maybe ever! --C.L. Wilson”” - and I just don’t see it.

    If you find a woman lusting after a man who bets that he cannot have sex for 24 hours and losses that bet after 3 minutes funny. If you find it funny to see a woman who has so little respect for herself that she doesn’t care that he has ‘had’ every woman (or nearly so) in town and is looking to make it to a Vegas pool tourney so he can get some new bootie funny, then you are going to love this book.

    The idea that Baylee Jean could retrain Jimmie Joe using her knowledge as a dog groomer and a book she has on training ‘bad’ dogs, initially sounded fairly funny, but this book quickly became tedious with the authors over use of certain words- like the word “diddle” in all of its forms. Sometimes that word would be on a page two or three times and quickly lost its humorous connotation for me.

    The plot device is that the characters are thinking about sex, having sex (at least Jimmie Joe is) and discussing sex, scheming about having sex. I’m no prude, I love erotica in most of its forms, but this was neither erotic nor even a little bit sexy.

    Granted, I did NOT expect all that much from this novel, especially when you consider the title and the synopsis. I figured I was going to get a very light comedic read with a male character who is much like we see in a lot of romances- a man that does have a lot of one night stands, who does not want to commit, someone who is very conflicted etc. I had hoped to read about a female lead who respected herself. However, this went further. “Manwhore” being used in the title was quite apt since he did almost anything a regular prostitute does except to take cash. He did take sex for payment on tires once though!

    I really, really wish I could have finished this book 100%, but I was unable to. ( I feel that you don’t need to eat an entire fish fillet to know when it is ‘bad’ and the same goes for books) I know I should have downloaded a sample, especially of a book that had no other reviews to guide me. And I am now kicking myself for this lack of foresight. I suggest very strongly that if you want to read this book, please try a sample first. It really may be me and I lack the thing that would allow me to see this novel as humorous.

    I am looking forward to see what other reviewers think about this ‘different’ book.

    9781601830142 If this was supposed to be a script with Duck Dynasty meets Bewitched in mind and then turned into Cinemax After Dark type soft porn, then the author pretty much hit her mark. I tried not to put any of my usual filters into it because it isn't anything I would normally choose, but it was free from the library and it wasn't a very long book. The writing itself wasn't bad if you look at it from the technical standpoint, but none of the characters were sympathetic enough for me to get emotionally wrapped up in their feelings so that I could overlook the weak story line. I did appreciate that the females were dominant in the story and weren't just content to sit back and let things unfold for them and expect the men to swoop in and save them. Those types of romances always irritate me. I didn't hate this, but I wouldn't recommend it either. 9781601830142 WITH A TITLE LIKE THIS I HAD TO READ THIS BOOK. IT BROUGHT BACK SOME GREAT MEMORIES, SOME PEOPLE MAY NOT EVEN KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. ALONG TIME GO THEIR WERE A COUPLE OF SUNDAY COMICS' THIS REMINDED ME OF, LI'L ABNER, BARNEY GOOGLE & SNUFFY SMITH EACH HAVE A MOUNTAIN, BACK WOODS SETTING. LI'L ABNER IS SO MUCH LIKE THIS BOOK, SETTING IN DOGPATCH USA, WITH DAISY MAE(HIS GIRLFRIEND), MAMMY & PAPPY (HIS PARENTS). THIS BOOK IS SIMULAR WITH ALL THE COUNTRYISMS, THE SEXY LOOKING WOMEN, WELL BUILDT COUNTRY BOYS, DRINKING, AND JUST PLAIN OLD BACK WOODS FUN. I REALLY ENJOYED THIS READ, IT WAS SO FUNNY I MEAN LOL FUNNY. PLEASE DON'T THINK HONEY BOO-BOO & UNCLE POODLE MODERN DAY COUNTRY, WHICH TO ME IS JUST PATHETIC AND NOT FUNNY AT ALL (WATCHED ONCE, WAS ENOUGH FOR ME). THE AUTHOR DID A GREAT WRITTING JOB, I HOPE SHE DOES MORE ALONG THIS LINE. TO MS. BROOKES I THANK YOU FOR MAKIN MY VISIT TO POSSUM HOLLOW SO MUCH FUN, I'LL ALWAYS REMEMBER IT!!! 9781601830142 The actual title on this book is Jimmie Joe Johnson, Manwhore...come on with a title like that on Net Galley you know this country loving gal is gonna request it! Well, don't expect much more than what the title...cheesy, funny, fast and full of Jimmie Joe!

    Jimmie Joe Johnson and his Johnson are famous in Possum Hollow. But he has only loved one girl, Baylee Jean. Unfortunately, Baylee Jean has loved him right back (her feelings about his whoring are quite sad really). No other man will do for her, so she just doesn't understand why Jimmie Joe backed off ten years ago, just when they were getting serious. Enter her crazy Aunt Callie Rae. Her aunt threatened his privates if he ever came near Baylee Jean again. So, what is a boy-man in love to do??? Why, spent the next ten years doing (or diddling as Jimmie Joe calls it) everything within a 100 mile radius of Possum Hollow.

    Then, one day Baylee Jean snaps. She is done watching Jimmie Joe pass her over. She wanted her man and her approach to training that ole Alabama hound dog was entertaining. I loved the interactions with Baylee Jean, her sister and her friend T-Bone. These ladies were fun, silly and just raunchy enough to get Jimmie Joe to take notice. I enjoyed the chase between Baylee Jean being the aggressor and Jimmie Joe running scared. Then enter a possessed possum, a huge dollar pool tournament in Vegas and a hexx on Jimmie Joe's privates and you have a hilarious ride towards the HEA. This was a fun summer read, enjoy!

    Oh don't judge, this title looks plum Hi-larious! (btw this is considered hick lit lmao!) 9781601830142 Can't help myself...that title! 9781601830142 LOL Hilarious!!! I reviewed this ARC for Netgalley. New author for me but I'm so glad at discovering her Possum Hollow series. Outlandish characters & colorful anecdotes. The title says it all.... until Bayley Jean Brown sets out to tame her sexy ol' hound dog. Using a hunting dog training guide as her mentor. Redneck hi-jinks will keep you in stitches throughout this entire book. This author is dead on with her redneck characterisation. I'm allowed to say that being as how I definitely qualify as a bonafide redneck. Kudos to Ms. Brookes for giving me a bit of humour to go along with my romance. I recommend this book to everyone who likes a little humour with their lovin'. Hopelessly hooked on this series. 9781601830142 Hilarious

    The title pretty much gives away what you're in for. A funny book that I will remember for a long time.
    As crazy as this story is, there is also a lot of heart. Possum Hollow is a very southern small town where everyone knows everything about everybody.
    It's kind of a red neck version of the show Shameless with more sex, or as the characters call it, . Diddlin' and more lighthearted.
    The characters' narrative are as crazy as their actions. I have had this book for a long time. Glad I finally read it. 9781601830142 Just the title alone made me get this book and I was very surprised on how much I enjoyed it.

    Jimmie Joe Johnson is the ultimate manwhore from Possum Hollow, Alabama. He bangs any girl who comes his way. Baylee Jean has been in love with Jimmie Joe since she was a teenager. 10 years ago, he left her with no explanation and she hated him since. She comes to find out that her aunt(Callie Rae(witch)) scared Jimmie Joe so bad he let her be. Baylee Jean wants him back and she will do anything to get him back(no witchcraft).

    This is a hilarious story with some great humor with all the characters. Funny one liners, cousin turns into a cross eyed possum(never read that before) and it's very hick...now nobody get offended, when reading this my southern accent came thru.

    I wonder if there will be a sequel with Baylee Jean's sister Randi Lynn and Skeeter? 9781601830142