Jasper Ollie By Alex Willan


    Jasper the fox and Ollie the sloth are friends and complete opposites. Ollie likes to take his time, while Jasper is impatient and maybe a little hyperactive. When Jasper and Ollie decide to spend a day at the pool, their differences are on full display. Jasper wins the race to the pool, and assumes that Ollie is already there. Meanwhile, the reader sees Ollie taking his time, slowly making his way to the pool. Jasper's antics will have kids in stitches, and they will spend a lot of time looking over the detailed illustrations. This was a lot of fun to read, and is perfect for anyone in need of a summer themed laugh. Childrens Jasper and Ollie are best friends. At breakfast, Jasper wants to go to the pool and Ollie agrees. Jasper, the fox, wants to race to get there and runs out of the house. Along the way, he pull on his swimsuit, blows past the mailman who dumps his letters, jumps over a turtle painting a fence, and hustles past the ice cream truck. Now Jasper has to wait for Ollie though. And Ollie, the sloth, has a very different approach. He watches butterflies, smells the flowers, picks up the spilled mail, gets a drink, helps paint the fence, and gets an ice cream cone. Meanwhile Jasper is rushing around trying to see if Ollie is somewhere at the pool and manages to get himself thrown out. Luckily, that is just when Ollie arrives with ice cream cones for both of them.

    Willan tells this story solely in speech bubbles. He uses framing techniques from comic books to great effect here. On the larger upper frame, he shows Jasper in his speedy desperation to find Ollie. Below, Ollie moves along quietly enjoying his walk to the pool. Jasper is often accompanied by a dashed line showing his movement over and under and around people and obstacles and usually accompanied by chaos in his wake.

    The illustrations are brilliantly done with plenty of humor too. It has a wonderful aesthetic to it where the pattern of Ollie’s swimsuit is repeated on various things at the pool that Jasper searches. The illustrations are worth looking closely at to catch all of the funny moments and small touches along the way.

    A combination of speed and sloth that makes for a great friendship and plenty of laughs. Appropriate for ages 3-5. Childrens Divergent paths, solid friendship. Childrens Everyone else thought of Zootopia, too, right? Childrens Friends Jasper (a fox) and Ollie (a sloth) decide to go to the pool. Jasper gets there miles ahead of Ollie and then wonders where Ollie could be. He goes to great lengths to find his friend. Meanwhile, Ollie is having a leisurely stroll to the pool, getting the mail, and helping neighbors on the way.

    Talk about opposites. Jasper is one high octane, million mile an hour, bundle of energy. Readers should find his antics at the pool in his hunt for Ollie very funny. It is a huge contrast to when the scene goes back to Ollie and his leisurely stroll. But Jasper does seem to learn to slow down a bit by the end of the story. The illustrations are fantastically fun and definitely tell a huge chunk of the story. Hand this one to kids learning to compare and contrast, and those looking for a funny read. Childrens

    This book was a pleasant surprise! Ollie is adorable. I hope these characters are used in a sequel. Childrens Jasper the fox wants to go to the pool. Ollie the sloth agrees. Jasper races Ollie there only to realize that he's nowhere to be found when he gets to the pool. Jasper displays many inappropriate behaviors as he tries to locate Ollie. In the end Jasper gets kicked out of the public pool just as Ollie shows up. Children will enjoy pointing out what Ollie is doing while Jasper is racing around. Childrens I like the slow and thoughtful sloth, Ollie, but the hyperactive and inconsiderate fox dominated the story and got on my nerves quickly. The balance was just off, and the fox went way too far past simple mischief, otherwise this might have been pretty good. Childrens Cute story of two friends who decide to go to the pool. Jasper the fox gets there super fast, then irritates everyone by asking them if they've seen Ollie. Ollie, meanwhile, being a sloth, ambles his way to the pool. Childrens I think this is a story about me and my mom going to the pool on a hot summer day, if she was a fox and I was a sloth. Anyone who has a friend that moves at a million miles per hour, or as slow as a sloth will relate to this humorous tale told mostly in pictures. I love the illustration style. Great for inferring. Childrens

    Best friends Jasper and Ollie decide to go to the pool. On your mark, get set . . . WAIT! As Jasper races ahead--crashing into the mailman, speeding past the ice cream truck--Ollie takes his sweet time, pausing to admire a butterfly, smell a daisy, and help the mailman pick up his letters! Jasper Ollie

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