Ett oväntat fel har inträffat. By Devynn MacLennan

    Love this book and bought an extra for a giftbook is charming, informative but probably most interesting for a Jane Austen fan (yes, a 'Janite'). Books in excellent condition, good delivery! 1784883360 A delightful afternoon read that is half travel advice and half Austen adoration. The whimsical illustrations are charming and this should sit proudly on any Austenites bookshelf. 1784883360 Very well researched and amazing illustrations! Easily the best Jane Austen book I've ever seen and would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to learn (plus you'll enjoy the outstanding illustrations)! 1784883360 This book is full of charm and takes you on a virtual tour of Jane Austen sites, capturing enchanting detail. It will help me plan my next visit to England as well! 1784883360

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    Jane Was Here is a whimsical, illustrated guide to Jane Austen's England from the settings in her novels and the scenes in the wildly popular television and film adaptations, to her homes and other important locations throughout her own life.

    Discover the stately homes of Basildon Park and Ham House and the lush landscapes of Stourhead and Stanage Edge. Tread in Jane's footsteps as you explore her school in the old gatehouse of the ruined Reading Abbey; her perfectly preserved home in her Chawton cottage, where she spent the last eight years of her life; or her final resting place in Winchester Cathedral.

    Whether you want to take this book as your well thumbed guide on a real Austenian pilgrimage of your own, or experience the journey from the comfort of your own living room, Jane Was Here will take you with a tone as wry as Jane's itself on an enchanting adventure through the ups and downs of the world of Jane Austen. Ett oväntat fel har inträffat.

    This is a beautiful book that any Jane Austen fan would love! It takes you through a whimsical illustrated journey of the places/general locations where her books took place, other fun tidbits you may not know, like how to play whist and manners. It's a beautiful and fun book that you will love and should get! The authors and illustrator did a fantastic job! 1784883360 This book is beautifully done worthy of a read, but also wonderful as a piece of art on your coffee table. The illustrations are fun and playful. The descriptions of the locations provide great context into how they fit into Jane's life, her written works, and the movie adaptations. I bought this for myself and then ordered another copy as a gift to a friend I will be giving as gifts in the future! 1784883360 I've actually been debating how to rate this book. It wasn't what I expected, and I was a little disappointed, but it was an enjoyable read.

    I thought this book was going to be about Jane Austen's England (see the title 'Jane Was Here'). I was expecting a book talking about where she lived and when, maybe talking about what kinds of foods she ate, and her comments on places she lived. Basically I was expecting a trip back in time to discuss what England would have looked like for Jane Austen.

    This book is not that.

    This book is of a guide book, discussing different places shown in various movie versions of Austen's books, and places where she lived.

    It is a fun and fresh read, and it felt a lot like talking to a friend about their trip to England and hearing accounts of where they went and what they did. The sketch sections feel a bit rambling and random (again like talking to a friend about their trip) they felt a bit like a waste of space for me, but they did add some charm and originality to the book.

    It also felt like a lot was lacking. Lots of restaurants and sites are mentioned in the book, but there are no prices listed/detailed maps to find locations etc.

    Basically it felt like not enough information to be an actual guidebook, but not enough discussion of Jane Austen to actually be about her. It's definitely an ok starting point if you want to get some ideas of where to go on a visit to England, or if you want some info about where various movies were filmed.

    All in all, enjoyable read, just not what I expected. 1784883360 This book is one that you can definitely judge by its beautiful cover, which is stunning by the way. The art is unique and whimsical and the writing is so well done. My kids love flipping through the pages and I love reading all the fun facts about Jane Austen and also the info about where the tv and movie renditions have been filmed. I'm excited to visit these areas soon! 1784883360 This book is fantastic for any Jane Austen fan, especially if you ever want to travel to England to walk in her footsteps!

    It includes everything from the various places Jane lived and visited, to where the different films were made, to what horticulture and tea drinking looked like in Jane’s day.

    It has super fun illustrations, and little fun quizzes like “which Jane Austen Fan are you?”

    Highly recommend if you are a Janeite! 1784883360