Industrial Design A-Z By Peter Fiell


    If you take even the slightest interest in the design of your toothbrush, the history behind your washing machine, or the evolution of the telephone, you'll take an even greater interest in this new book. This comprehensive volume traces than three hundred designers and design led companies, with than seven hundred illustrations of their most important designs.Individual designers and design firms can be referenced directly via the A Z of Industrial Design section, which covers than 550 pages; here you'll find the likes of Enzo Ferrari, Philippe Starck, Zanussi and Apple Computer, among many others. The Case Studies section tracks the history of everyday household appliances from their very beginnings to the present day, illustrating how, for example, your washing machine made the fascinating journey from a wooden tub with gears and cranks to the sleek white cube that it is today. For those interested in the technical side of industrial design, there's the Themes and Materials section, referencing technological developments and processes such as plywood, steam power and plastics and introducing topics ranging from packaging and branding to CAD.Exploding with color, aesthetic, and style, Industrial Design is both informative and fun; you'll have a hard time putting it down. Industrial Design A-Z

    日本の企業の代表的な工業製品などについても沢山載っていて、写真を見ているだけでも十分楽しめる一冊です! Peter Fiell Il s'agit d'un livre épais répertoriant tous les designers et toutes les marques 'de design' (y compris les marques automobile par exemple) de notre époque. C'est plus un dictionnaire de design qu'un livre à lire. Idéal pour un étudiant qui a besoin de connaître toutes les Peter Fiell Every Taschen book I have gotten is of superior quality and not that expensive. This book is no exception. Beautiful pages with lots of information about designers and companies. This deserves to be on your bookshelf should you need a quick reference. Peter Fiell Not the most current volume, but reasonably priced. If you're interested in Industrial Design or product design in general, you can't go wrong with this. There are a lot of references to 'landmark' products that are not shown, but if you read it with your tablet next to you, like I do, you can be as deep as you wish. If you are into digging information, one page can branch out into multiple dimensions of learning when using along a tablet or laptop. Consider it an index, rather than an all encompassing bible. Peter Fiell I think this is a perfect book for designers who want to know about the most famous products and designers in the world. Peter Fiell


    It's a classic great for all students.Hard to find. I guess original price put people off. Worth every nickel. Used paperback prices climbing Peter Fiell