In The Boss' Bed (Steele Brothers #2) By Elizabeth Lennox

    Can't say it enough about the author's ability to combine the love, passion, chemistry and humor in her stories. While the first book in this series gave me pause for concern in some areas, this one was pretty awesome. :) 148 Zeke fell in love af the first sight to Marcy, Teague’s secretary that was lended to him. He was a gentleman. Though she didnt tell him she was a virgin, he waited until her law test til he bedded her. She failed her test and wanted to put some space between them but he brought her to his home back. She was pregnant and all the boys Including Teague, Logan and Luke pressuring her to set the marriage date while holding the water gun towards her. Cute. She finally quit her law school. 148 Stronghold Ending

    I would have liked to give five stars but not going to happen this time. I like my heroines strong, self assured, and not afraid of their mothers. The story started out on a good plan but way too much wishy washy from Marcy. She couldn't make up her mind for a character to be organized how is that? 148 3.5 stars 148 Slow

    This was just to slow for my taste, I did enjoy the brothers trying to convince the h to Marry Zeek that was funny nice touch with the giant squirt gun. I don't think I'm going to get the rest of the series nothing to keep me interested. 148

    Standing in the doorway to his office, Zeke Steele is floored by the woman tsking at the chaos. Five minutes before, his mind had been focused on the chaos. Now his mind couldn’t get past her dark curls, her luscious figure. In that moment, Zeke realized that his bachelor days were over.

    And yet, he laughed when he overheard the vivacious Marcy telling one of his ex-lovers that he was gay.

    Zeke was going to have to prove the lovely and mischievous Marcy that she was very wrong.

    Marcy had been working for the amazingly handsome and overly buff Teague Steele for a long time, but thought of him as her big brother. Not so when she faced off with Teague’s older brother! Oh no, no brotherly affection for this man! Zeke Steele made her burn! He caused images to flash through her mind – completely inappropriate images!

    Unfortunately, Marcy was on a mission to finish law school and the incredibly handsome and gorgeously lust-worthy Zeke Steele would have to wait.

    That was until…she got pregnant!
    In The Boss' Bed (Steele Brothers #2)

    Too much teasing too much angst....

    Marcy seemed strong one minute and this mousy angst ridden woman who did nothing but doubt herself the next, dear lord, I love a good slow burn but when the characters to nothing but constantly drool other each other while pretending their not,it's just ridiculous.....
    From the moment Zeke (seriously? Zeke sounds like a country farmer or a pig) but any way) does nothing but drool over her,stay continually jealous of any man who comes near her,all the while all he seems to do from the moment he lays eyes on her is think about her body or all the ways he wants to have sex with her.... I don't know how he gets any work done because he seems to want is F Marcy....
    While she wants him but acts like she's not good enough and seems to stumble like a clueless virgin while telling other women he's gay to keep them away...
    To me the characters had an over abundance of inner angst and spent more time in their heads than with each other and when around 35% of the book Zeke was finally starting to make his move Marcy acted excited but awkward and unsure , everything was put on hold ,while she acted like a teenage virgin...
    I didn't feel any chemistry , just a lot thinking about sex and very little action ... Zeke didn't seem to be able to think about anything but sex and Marcy's body while she couldn't seem to know what she wanted ....
    Awkward and painful to watch, not sweet like others said...
    I don't need a lot of sex,in this case I wasn't sure I even wanted it,I just wanted these two to get over themselves and I don't know if they did,but I just couldn't ... 148 -No cheating
    -no om drama
    -ow drama- hero had several women show up at his office the week she was working for him but he promptly sent them all away. While he didn't sleep with them, he came across as a player because he clearly has had tons of women
    -not very steamy
    - no violence of any nature
    - no epilogue whatsoever - it just ended. very disappointing 148 In the Boss's Bed is the story do Zeke and Marcy.
    When Zeke's office is in a mess as his assistant is on maternity leave, he ends up borrowing his brother Teague's assistant Marcy.
    Marcy is the ever efficient girl, working as an organizer during the day and studying for law school at night to fulfill her mother's frivolous dreams.
    When they meet, sparks fly, and the attraction is instantaneous.
    I liked that they took things slow- and when they finally did give into their attractions it was worth the wait.
    Also really enjoyed the bombarding scene at the end to convince the h.
    Overall, really sweet and satisfying read.
    Adored the couple.
    4.25/5 148 To preface this, I didn't finish this book. I just couldn't.

    After I finished the first book in this series, I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue with it. However, I gave it the benefit of the doubt, maybe it was a rough first book and the following ones would improve. That was not the case. This book suffered from all the same issues I had with the first one. An unlikable heroine who, despite being a grown woman, acts like a child. Up until the point where I stopped, you didn't get much of Zeke and what we do get just makes him sound ridiculous. We find out he's kind of a player, sleeps around, doesn't commit, and then OF COURSE not too long after that's been established we find out Marcy is a virgin. So another obnoxious trope, right there. Throw in the fact that Marcy is insanely insecure with her body and looks and she became absolutely unbearable.

    After attempting this book, I will not be finishing it or continuing with the series. It's just not worth my time. 148 Short but lovely.!!

    I'm never going to be disappointed at any Elizabeth Lennox's books, they just short for my taste. !!
    But, Very well written, sweet and sexy. You will always love her characters, the males are so alphas and the ladies sweet and beautiful. A great combination for an awesome love story. 148


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