Hexes \u0026 Vexes By Nova Blake

    A sweet, touching magical story. Loved the relationship between the sisters, it all felt very real <3 Hexes \u0026 Vexes A fantastic little witchy book where the characters are well rounded. There is enough content in this book for a fully fledged novel or even a series. So hopefully we'll get further adventures of Mia and friends soon. Hexes \u0026 Vexes Nice book to read on a rainy Saturday. It is nicely light and charming. Hexes \u0026 Vexes Lovely fun story. Great sassy characters. Loved the conflicts and reunions. Look forward to reading more from this author. Hexes \u0026 Vexes

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    Old wounds are hard to close; especially when someone pries them open.

    Small towns are full of gossip, and Mia is pretty sure that no one in her hometown of Okato has ever stopped talking about her. Cast off by her best friend, blamed for a local tragedy – Mia had no choice but to run away.

    Now, ten years later, she’s being dragged back.

    Something’s wrong with her big sister, Camilla, and her younger sister, Poppy, is panicking. At first, Mia just wants to check in and get out of town again as soon as possible. But when strange occurrences start to pile up, she realizes that there is something more than her perpetual bad luck at play; and the traces of magic she finds in her childhood home suggests that whatever is going on with Camilla could be caused by hexes, too.

    Mia is determined to find out what’s going on. If she can stop getting distracted by the hunky painter renovating her childhood bedroom, that is.

    Screw running away again.

    It's time to bury the past once and for all. Hexes \u0026 Vexes

    A teenage girl begs her older sister, Mia, to come home to rescue their third sister, Camilla, from a hex. When Mia arrives after ten years away, she has to confront the fallout from an old tragedy: her best male friend in high school died and the town blames her for his death. Another old friend, Georgia, is embittered and still angry with Mia.

    This was an engaging and uplifting story about the complexities of friendships and family ties and the necessity of both letting go and taking responsibility for one’s actions. The new romance was superfluous to the main plot; the real action was between the four women: Mia, her sisters, and Georgia. Hexes \u0026 Vexes A fun and uplifting story about revisiting the wounds of the past, dealing with family and making peace. I love the cast of characters, particularly the three central sisters, and I loved the evocative descriptions of small town New Zealand. A very enjoyable novella about the magic of letting go. Hexes \u0026 Vexes I know I should've read this in one sitting but this just couldn't get into me. First of all I read this because I got curious by the 'contemporary witchy fiction' thingy because I never read one (expect the ones I read weren't contemporary) and I don't think I can do so again. For some reason, this book was good if I wasn't the reader. Not for me. Hexes \u0026 Vexes I enjoyed this so much I devoured it in a single sitting! I blame the prose. It's so smooth and easy to read that the whole thing just slips gently down... why can't more books have this lovely finish?! I liked that it's a very gentle story too, with an estranged sister coming back to her siblings, and to the woman who was once her best friend, and healing her relationships with them. Magic helps her to do it, but it's mostly the willingness to try that's the key here.

    There's also a magpie called Rufus. He's awesome, and I've never said that about a magpie before. Hexes \u0026 Vexes While nominally a romance, the focus was more on the relationship between the sisters, which I rather enjoyed. However, the author seemed confused about the differences between Australian and European magpies. Hexes \u0026 Vexes