Her Secret Children By Judith McWilliams

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    Widowed, wary of men, with her eggs in frozen storage, Vicky Sutton feared motherhood was forever beyond her reach. Until the impossible happened. Her eggs were illegally used to give a British aristocrat twin heirs!

    Vicky vowed that even James Thayer, the formidable, filthy-rich single father of her beautiful babies, would prove no match for a loving, middle-class, American mom. She was determined to be a mother to her twins -- even if it meant a few white lies. But would her intense, irrational attraction to her children's sexy daddy thwart her plans...or lay the foundation for the family of her dreams? Her Secret Children

    For a harlequin it was decent.The plot was pretty original though.

    But omg I so would have sued that doctor for everything he had and then seen him serve some quality time in jail! English Vicky finds out that she has twins goes to England to meet James their father. Vicky lies about who she is, falls for James and eventually they work out how to both be parents to twins Mary Rose and Edmond. Wholesome romance with a spicy aunt Sophie made for a fun afternoon read. English