Heal the Earth By Julian Lennon

    Julian Lennon Æ 9 Review

    LOVE this series. I love it so much I give it as a gift to my students and friend's kids. It exposes my children to places all over the world, shows how others live and applicable ways that kids can make a difference in preserving their earth. This is a must for your children's library. 1510728538 Purchased Julian's first children's book 'Touch The Earth' in 2017 shared it with family members, they loved it! Excited to receive 'Heal The Earth' for many of the same reasons. It is a book about caring about our planet the people, animals wildlife that live here. It also has a fun way of 'flying' though the story that engages the imagination encourages conversations about the world ways we can make it a better place for everyone, even people we have never met. The message is full of love, kindness compassion, perfect for any child's book collection! 1510728538 A good introduction for my grandkids about the environment and the planet 1510728538 Motivador porque tienen que pulsar el botón para continuar la historia. Lleno de mensajes para fomentar el cuidado del entorno 1510728538


    The spine of this book is damaged and there are smears on the back of the jacket cover. I intended this book to be a gift and do not feel right about giving it in this condition. 1510728538 Met expectations 1510728538 my grandchildren love it and I can't wait for the next one 1510728538 Love Julian’s Books! All for the love of our Mother! Such a beautiful way to teach our children. 1510728538 My grandson enjoyed it that's good enough for me 1510728538

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