Hank the Cowdog: The Case of the Burrowing Robot By John R. Erickson

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    It's been twenty years since the first Hank the Cowdog book was published, and the series has been going strong ever since. Hank has faced every hardship imaginable-natural disaster, disease, and all kinds of monsters. But in The Case of the Burrowing Robot, he finds himself up against a creature he's never seen before-and boy is it scary! Someone-or something, a bizarre robot with beady eyes and a full suit of armor-is digging up the garden. Hank is on the case immediately, but before he can put an end to the armored creature's antics, he gets blamed for the crime. Can Hank dig his way out of this mess, or has he burrowed too deep? Find out in the latest adventure starring everyone's favorite Head of Ranch Security. Hank the Cowdog: The Case of the Burrowing Robot

    Really funny. Great for a good laugh. :) Childrens, Humor and Comedy An unauthorized something other is burrowing into Sally Mae's garden
    The ranch security head has to find it before he gets the blame for the
    damage . . . Caution . The unauthorized something or other may aArmatunafisho from outer space . Childrens, Humor and Comedy I read pretty much this entire series years ago after I descovered them in my elementary school libary. The plot, and characters are great. Plus these books are extremly funny. I loved this series then and I still love it. Childrens, Humor and Comedy SM Childrens, Humor and Comedy E Childrens, Humor and Comedy