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    ABsolutely addictive, very well written, Adler Olsen car read the heart of the people and make you want to just go on reading. Looking forward to reading his next book, apparently there will be at least 8. Les hackers This is the fourth book so far of the 'Q Series' about an unlikely group of people working for the Police on old unsolved crimes. The characters are so complete and hilariously complement the gritty description of the sordid crimes. I look forward to many . Beware Les hackers Ooh this is a shocking story with a great twist in the tail. I wont go into any detail on the plot because you've got to read this to believe it! I really like the character development in this series and particularly the mysterious Assad. Les hackers excellent read, can't wait for next old case to surface! With every story a new facet of the characters emerge. Les hackers Just like the others in this series a good read ! I also like his humour. I can recommend this Les hackers


    'Guilt' is the fourth book in the 'Department Q' series and is another complex but totally engaging crime thriller. While it can be read as a stand alone story, my advice would be to first read the preceding three novels, starting with the brilliant 'Mercy'. My reason for suggesting this is that certain threads (or story lines) run through each of the novels, at first appearing to be of only minor relevance, but as the series is unfolding, these 'secondary' story lines are gaining in importance, even though they are not the main focus of this or any of the preceding novels in the series. In addition, with each new book in the series, we learn about the backgrounds and personalities of the main Department Q characters (Carl, Assad and Rose) & others (e.g. Hardy) which makes each of the novels rewarding to read.In 'Guilt' we find Carl & his colleagues having to deal with an outbreak of 'flu, revelations in respect to the nail gun case (one of the on going threads that starts in 'Mercy'), Carl's on going relationships with his, hopefully, soon to be ex wife Vigga and his on going infatuation with his psychiatrist, Mona & revelations about the death of Carl's uncle Birger. Then there are the two cases that this novel focuses on a current case relating to an acid attack on a colleague's wife and a 'cold' case relating to the disappearance of a number of individuals back in 1987 which may or may not be linked. The latter case is very dark and has an interesting, if slightly implausible, political angle and some really nasty crimes being committed.So, in short, a complex but thoroughly engaging crime thriller, full of tension, wonderful characters, atmosphere and, of course, a totally gripping climax which will have you wanting to race through the final few chapters to find out how it all ends. As you can probably gather, I am now totally hooked on this series! Les hackers Although the end was somewhat unbelievable, it was a good read so I don't regret the purchase. Revenge with a twist! Les hackers J'ai commandé ce livre en croyant l'avoir en français, il m'est parvenu en anglais, langue que je ne comprends absolument pas. Il serait bon que lorsque l 'on recherche les ouvrages d'un auteur, la langue apparaisse clairement, d'autant que sur Kindle il arrive Les hackers Jussi Adler Olsen gives us here the fourth book in his Department Q series, and as we see the group of three are investigating their most dangerous case so far, where they could all end up dead. If you are coming to this series for the first time then you can quite easily read this as a standalone novel, however if you have read the series then you will have a greater understanding of Department Q and the main characters.With some evidence being found with regards to Carl Mørck and the nail gun killings so he has to worry about this, whilst he and his assistant Hafiz el Assad along with their secretary Rose start working through another cold case. As is usual we read about the past with regards to the case that is under scrutiny, along with the present. But here we have a case that can lead to potential harm for a certain right wing political party, one that most definitely doesn’t want its dirty secrets being aired to the public.With lots of thrills and spills, with our intrepid team really pitted against not only solving past crimes, but also trying to stay alive, the author once again manages to inject some humour to keep this from getting too dark. With Rose explaining the reason to put toilet seats down to her two male colleagues, I think many women will agree with her.With manipulations, a web of intrigue and dirty secrets, this makes for another good strong read in this series, which so far hasn’t disappointed. Les hackers je croyais l avoir acheté en français. IL ME FAUT TRADUIRE CE QUI ENLÈVE LE PLAISIR DU POLAR.pas MAL POUR SE METTRE A NIVEAU EN ANGLAIS MAIS CE N ÉTAIS PAS LE BUT. CHRIS Les hackers