Going Gray, Looking Great!: The Modern Womans Guide to Unfading Glory By Diana Lewis Jewell

    Some good information but a little dated. I skimmed a lot of this. English For those of you considering the transition to gray, a bible now exists in the form of Going Gray Looking Great! by Diana Lewis Jewell. Anything and everything you could possibly want to know about going gray, staying gray … or not … and looking absolutely fabulous.

    I have to say, the book itself is sexy. If books can be sexy. Seriously, it is glossy and glorious, and when I was not flipping through the pages I left it on my ottoman to add to the decor.

    Whether you are thinking of going gray, or you are gray, this book has all the information you need to rock your silver locks.

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    English I liked the concept of this book, but unfortunately it needs to be updated every few years since most of the products listed in 2004 aren't current ones. English Yes. That's right. I'm giving up coloring my hair. I've decided to embrace the gray. The problem is what to do before it gets grown out.

    I really only started coloring it so I wouldn't look too sloppy and messy. I tend to look that way anyway, so I thought keeping it colored would help me look a bit neater. But, 1) I'm tired of messing with color, 2) I don't care how old I look, I'm a grandmother anyway, so whateves, and 3) Hopefully now it'll be gray enough to look good that way.

    I read this book to give me some ideas for makeup, wardrobe, and products to be aware of when making this transition. I found a lot of the book didn't really apply to me (I don't need any counseling to come to grips with going gray. lol) But there was enough here to make it worth the price for it used. I plan to type up a list of some of the suggested products, but I realized the book is a bit old (nearly 20 years!), so I probably need to look for updated recommendations.

    English Great product recommendations on page 93. English


    IT'S A BEAUTY REVOLUTION!Silver is in! So is pewter, charcoal, platinum, and ice. Discover the glory of gray in this first-of-its-kind beauty bible that celebrates the ease -- and the very modern allure -- of gray hair for women of all races, all hair types, and every shade of gray.

    Find out all the ways to go from fade-out to fabulous in this practical guide to looking healthy, young, and vibrant, whether you have frosty strands or a mane of pure white. Filled with indispensable advice and insider tips from top salons and beauty experts, this book will help you:

    - Decide if gray is right for you

    - Color, camouflage, or not

    - Spice up salt-and-pepper

    - Bring the glow back to your skin

    - Choose the right wardrobe and makeup colors

    - Change your attitude, change your looks

    - Find a style that works for you

    - Try dazzling special effects

    - Keep your hair shining, healthy, and fuss free Going Gray, Looking Great!: The Modern Womans Guide to Unfading Glory

    Just skimmed it really, but it armed me with some techniques to mention to my long time stylist. So, I'm giving it a go....haven't had roots done since late February? She added in some highlights and we decided it will be a 'work in progress'. If I hate the way I look at some point, I'll definitely run back to root coloring. :)
    English A companion book for me to Going Gray- I have written to both of these authors & I really have enjoyed them & my own process a lot! Something to think about for all the young women- what will you do? The grays can come in very early & like it or no, society DOES react. English It was OK, but I won't read it twice. It seemed to be more of a long-length advertisment for beauty products than about graying gracefully. I would have liked to have read a lot more about haircuts. Most of the women they used for before-and-after photos looked pretty darn good in the first place. They also appeared to be advertising a clothing line; only one was mentioned. English Good reference material. The edition I read is from 2004, which in the world of fashion and beauty is a very long time. What I would love to see is updated photos and more about dealing with premature gray hair, the potential dangers of hair dye, and more up to date options for enhancing silver hair. English Lots of history, lists for consideration, and tips on making the change to YOU. Nothing is pushed on you, maybe letting the real you show is not for you, but if you'd like to try it, this book is a great dose of encouragement. And if you don't like it once you've grown it out, you can always color it again. But the inspiring confidence of the women within these pages is a great club to join! English

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