Gangsta Twist 1 By Clifford Spud Johnson

    A definite page turner. I could not wait to read the sequel! I shared it with a co-worker who is eagerly waiting to read Part 2:) 9781601624574 Well, well, well.was recommened this book by a new friend **blush** the AUTHOR to read this book and definitely had it on my to-do-list when I peruse urban bookstores but I found this tattered and grease-stained copy at my local library (love my people) and picked up both of them as I was amazed first that it was returned, that urban literature section is scarce due to forgetful book theives and secondly that part two was right there in a day and a half I read and was surprised by how intrigued I was, some of the twists were predictable and oddly one major twist any real reader would have deduced from the familiarity immediately is divulged on the back cover when they describe Cliff's motives...would have preferred a reveal on that paternity but moving on. Okay so the story is about rich stick up Taz who makes his money robbing not killing or drugs which is surprising but nonetheless risky and illegal and his crew's quest to be millionaires working with the powerful and mysterious Won--all is going according to plan and M.O.B.(Money over B$#@%) reigns supreme until Taz meets a woman that makes him consider tommorrow, his future, his need for love and himself as a better man so he chooses to get out of the game. Sacha his woman is equally as sprung as he is and the two plan to live a life together amidst the sideplots: her best friend Gwen and her new romance with Taz's homeboy, Taz's little sister/daughter and her new relationship and an old flame of Sacha's who is bitter, and jealous of Taz taking Sacha from him and coming up with a way to make Taz very sorry..The plot thickens as the book nears to a close and pregnancies arise and more sideplots as Won is not ready to finish whatever game he is playing which leaves Taz and his crew with only one thing left to do...what will happen I must read on, on to the next book--kinda excited! 9781601624574 Loved this book I couldnt put it down..The story was just so well written..I got this book from a co worker becase i had nothing to read im so glad i didnt hve a book tht..keep up the great work 9781601624574 It did'nt grab me in the beginning, but i kept reading. It finally picked up. It was so so. Not saying you would'nt like it but you would have judge for yourself. 9781601624574 Let me feel the knot...
    I JUST CAN'T!!! 9781601624574

    Gangsta Twist 1 is a modern-day Robin Hood meets Mission: Impossible with a witty urban twist.

    Taz is the ruthless leader of an elite group of bandits who rule the streets of Oklahoma City. No one's met the mysterious boss who gives them their orders via laptop, but the arrangement works for everyone involved. Their criminal enterprise keeps them rolling in dough, allowing them to purchase property and businesses all over town.

    When Taz falls in love with Sacha, an ambitious young lawyer, he makes an unexpected enemy. Cliff, another lawyer at the firm, wants Sacha for himself, and he'll stop at nothing to win her back from the thug she's with. He sets his sights on one of Taz s family members, in order to get close to Taz's inner circle. Now Cliff and Taz are locked in a monstrous battle that can only end in tragedy. Which one will come out on top? Gangsta Twist 1

    I have to admit this book was kinda slow at first, but once I progressed deeper into it, it was alright. 2 other things that threw me off was 1. The names chosen for this book... H-hop, Do low, Lil Bomb, & who calls there Mom Mama Mama? that was just too much for me to say at one time!! Lol!! & 2. The dialogue between Gwen n Sacha with all that Hey Bitch, Bye Hoe all black women do not talk like that Mr. Johnson! Despite all of that, I did really enjoy experiencing Taz n Sacha fall in love that was really refreshing :) I was shocked at how quickly Tazneema chose to side with Cliff and go against her father. That was a surprise but overall I think it was alright. I'll read the second one for the sake of finishing the series.... 9781601624574 Hot of the I gotta read it today! Action packed, gangsta love with a upper class working man flare. This is the 1st installment of Gangsta Twist and several questions were left unanswered. Taz is a leader of five others (Keno, Red, Bob, Bo-Pete, and Wild Bill) they are hard core gangstas that don't deal drugs (very unique for urban lit). The gang has legal businesses not to mention that they are all millionaires because of their secret benefactor, Won. Sacha and her best friend, Gwen, met Taz and his boys at Club Cancun and the relationships take off from there. The out of town trips, Sacha's crazy co-worker, Tazneema, Tari, and Mama-Mama all have big stakes in this story of money, love and revenge.

    While the story has all the elements of a fast paced urban tale, there were a few spots that were slow. The sexual scenes were rather descriptive and not something I would want my teenager to read. Won is the man that calls all the shots but we never know why he is doing what he is doing. Taz acquires a soft spot when he falls in love with Sacha and it seems as if Sacha puts her corporate law career in jeopardy several times. The fact that this story takes place in my hometown makes me extra critical of the descriptions, distance between locations and believability of the storyline. If you love urban lit, you won't be able to put this book down. Now I'm ready for the sequel... 9781601624574 Loved this book. Love the relationship between Tax and Sachs.
    She had his back no matter what and he had hers. Cliffhanger
    At the end...can't wait for part 2 yo find out what happens to Neema,
    what Taz does to Cliff, will Taz and Sachs marry, how will Tax
    get out from under Won? Yes part 2 will be on the top of my
    reading list 9781601624574 Gangsta Twist 1 was a great read. Another random booked. Black Stone Audio hasn’t let me down yet.

    The Ruthless Thug is the perfect knight in shining armor. In this book you’ll learn even the hardest thug has a soft side for the right lady.

    Taz is all that and a bag of chips, so are his partners? He lucked up when he met the love of his life Sacha. The down ass lawyer.

    Read to find out if she will stick around and find out who Taz really is. Would she be better off with her fellow lawyer friend Cliff or roll with bad ass Taz?

    I’m ready for part 2.

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    good storyline
    interesting characters
    moderate pace
    flowed well
    Taz's revelation during the final season
    the cliffhanger
    good audio production
    correct narrator

    the constant use of mama mama
    male characters not developed
    lacked the spark needed to make this story pop 9781601624574

    Free read Gangsta Twist 1