Galactic Tours: Thomas Cook Out of This World Holidays By Bob Shaw

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    Imaginary holidays in space. Galactic Tours: Thomas Cook Out of This World Holidays

    A second-division science unfiction book from the turn of the decade '70s/'80s, in a tradition which seemed to die out by about 1985, this is not as well known as the Terran Trade Authority series. I personally found it wasn't up to the standards of many other similar books at the time either as a picture book or in terms of the text, but it did have a justification for being a paper book, which is unusual for a book of this genre. English Friends who ran an antique store came across this book and held it for me, and it's been sitting on my shelf for the usual decade or so, and I finally took it up and read it cover-to-cover, rather than just poking through it looking at the pictures.

    Thomas Cook was a travel company, originally founded in 1841, and finally collapsing last year. It was still a going concern when this volume pretended to be its future guidebook to extraterrestrial travel. Small-type disclaimers deny all responsibility for claims made in the book. So typical.

    This came out, originally, in 1981, and it would have been a bit more interesting then. It's basically an opportunity for David Hardy to display Science Fiction paintings, using the tongue-in-cheek travel descriptions to string them together. The fanciful descriptions are amusing, and (speaking as an SF writer) the pictures are still quite good as imagination starters; but the art is a bit dated for the present-day reader and the text is a period piece. Many of the services these out-of-this-world hotels offer are apps on everybody's cell phone, now.

    I'll be shelving this with the books I flip through from time to time for inspiration, and that would be its recommended use. English One of my favourite books as a child. I was reminded of it this evening while attending a lecture by the artist, David Hardy, to the Birmingham Science Fiction Group! When a couple of pictures from this appeared on the screen, it brought back all kinds of nice feelings. English I was bought this as a gift by my grandparents in 1981, and I still have it 33 years later. It's beautifully illustrated, and presents a hopeful vision of the futuer. English Nice pictures and format that's about it. English

    This book used to be shelved in the adults section of the Eugene Public Library. I remember drifting out of the children's section and discovering this book. Later, I found a copy at Powell's Books and had to own it. Beautiful pictures and humorous text done in the style of a travel guide. English