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    Perfect condition and beautiful book 978-2843233661 I have long been fascinated with the 1920s and this book tells a delightful story of Gerald and Sara Murphy, two Americans who took France by storm and hung out with F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Cole Porter, to name a few. Beautifully reproduced photos and a lovely, colorful story of their live in the French Riviera. I recommend this to anyone interested in the Jazz Age and the history of the French RIviera. 978-2843233661 Great coffee table book with many beautiful photographs. Insightful information on what made the French Riviera what it is. A wonderful addition to my book collection about the Roaring Twenties. 978-2843233661 The book was a disappointment. It is a collection of disparate essays about individuals rather than a sociological history of the Riviera. What's worse is how terribly edited the book is, with absent punctuation, bizarrely broken words, poor captioning. It really gives the impression of having been thrown together. In a word, a mess. 978-2843233661 Excellent servicebook as described. Great photography and fascinating writing about the roaring 20's on the French Riviera. 978-2843233661

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    Enjoyed photos. 978-2843233661 the book is fine. 978-2843233661 Either a dreadful translation or simply poorly written. I was disappointed by how incomprehensible the text is, given the extraordinary history it describes. Was this a poor attempt at mimicking the hedonistic daze of the times? I doubt it.

    The photos/paintings are interesting, but the captions are so poorly conceived/edited that one literally needs to get on Google to sort things out.

    Eminently dreadful.

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