Foundation (Riens Rebellion #6) By C.Z. Edwards


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    Rien’s Rebels are coalescing as Savrin’s Galantier begins to fray. Without Prenceps Mathes and Teregenitor Tiwendar, Savrin seems adrift, and Rien will take advantage of that.

    Galantier faces a battle for its future: If Savrin defeats Rien, the Dissolution comes and Galantier as it has been for a thousand years will cease. If Rien claims victory, Galantier will be reborn. No matter who wins, nothing will ever be the same.

    Time is short. Foundation (Riens Rebellion #6)

    Games of Thrones level of epic, but with less blood and more ethics. By the middle of the series I suspected that it was about winning the peace, not the war. This is the last book in this amazing story. It concludes Rien's journey from heir, to banished bastard , to nation builder. The last twist promises a future, even larger story.
    The worldbuilding that felt dense in the first 2 books is effortless to follow as the saga goes on.
    This series deserves a huge readership. I look forward to re reading to mine the rich story and many characters further. C.Z. Edwards