Felix the Cat 2018 Wall Calendar By By DreamWorks Animation


    Felix the Cat 2018 Wall Calendar showcases the inventive felines surreal escapades and quirky personality not to mention the arts classic expressive, captivating style that, a full decade before Disneys famous mouse, made Felix a pop culture phenomenon around the globe.From the moment Felix the Cat debuted on the silver screen, he was a hit. Born in 1919 in the black and white silent short Feline Follies, Felix the Cat was the worlds first cartoon star, rivaling Charlie Chaplin and other film celebrities of the day. Leaping from screen to print, Felix the Cat became so well known that he was chosen to be the first image to be broadcast over TV and the first balloon featured in Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade. Today he remains one of the most recognized cartoon characters in history, his likeness captured in fashion, design, and pop culture. Felix the Cat 2018 Wall Calendar

    It's Felix on 12 pages can't get any better than that 978-0789333650 Awesome calendar for an Felix the Cat fan. The calendar features classic images of Felix before his 1950s' makeover. Sturdily made, classic, and adorable. 978-0789333650 Felix the Cat the wonderful wonderful calendar! I love Felix the cat and this calendar is so awesome with great artwork of Felix that puts a smile on my face every time I look at it. A great pick up. 978-0789333650 Righty o! 978-0789333650 Perfect. Arrived in time for christmas and was exactly what I was looking for! 978-0789333650

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