False Prophet (Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus #5) By Faye Kellerman

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    Liked it, but not as much as her other books. There was less in the storyline about Rina, her boys and Decker, and more on the crime storyline. But I wasn't terribly happy with how the crime story got wrapped up. I keep reading the series because I want to know how things develop with Decker, Marge, Rina and the boys... and I like the crime stories. But some of the books are better than others. You could probably skip this one and just take note that Rina is pregnant in this one, then move on to the next. Mass Market Paperback So, Peter and Rina are married. Things are looking up. of course there seems to be a little friction with Peter's older daughter who has become a bit distant since Rina became pregnant. Still this is probably just something to do with dad having another baby and will be worked out. All is looking great.

    Then (of course) Peter gets called in on the rape assault of the daughter of a well know, golden age screen star. The victim herself is well known and runs a popular spa. She's had numerous suitors, romantic liaisons and marriages. She's beautiful, desired...eccentric and has decided she wants Peter.


    Life can be tough for us desirable men.

    Anyway this book has a bit more of the mystery flavor than the last as John puts convoluted clues together to figure out what's going on.

    Again a good book where characters work with plot and neither outweighs the other. These are good books and I plan to follow the series.

    Recommended, enjoy. Mass Market Paperback 3.8. Settling into life as a family, Peter and Rina Decker are back in this latest installment of their series. We find Rina six months pregnant, and the entire family is eagerly anticipating the baby's arrival. Cindy is even going to stay with the family for the summer to help out. Meanwhile, Peter and Marge have requested a transfer to work homicide in the Devonshire station alongside new colleague Scott Oliver. Before all these changes occur; however, a rape and burglary occur right in the Deckers' backyard, and Peter and Marge are assigned to the case.
    In this case we enter the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Lilac Brecht is the daughter of actress Davida Eversong and director Hermann Brecht. The only girl with three half siblings, Lilah has always been the light for both her parents. Now she runs a day spa to cater to the women of the upper echelon of society. Always accustomed to getting whatever they want, both Lilah and Davida come across as spoiled. With this case occurring right after Rodney King and featuring many high profile characters, the LAPD does not want too much publicity. It is up to Peter and Marge to keep the force out of the limelight or at least in a positive light.
    As the case unravels, all the players keep playing off one another, blackmail and all. Meanwhile, Peter questions his abilities as a father because it is always a stretch to balance work and home life. This mystery might not be at quite the level as the previous installments but it is a quick whodunit nonetheless. With the baby's arrival imminent, Cindy's appearance for the summer, and more from Scott Oliver in future books, I am looking forward to the next book in the series. Mass Market Paperback I liked this better than the fourth book in the series, but the ending was a little disappointing. I like Decker better in this book, but not much effort was made in further developing the Decker and Lazarus relationship. Granted, Rina is six-months pregnant but her role seems diminished. At some point I'll probably continue with book six, but for now I think I'll take a break. Mass Market Paperback I have been enjoying this series up until this installment - sorry Ms. Kellerman you missed the mark. A bit out there and things (for me) just weren't that connected and it felt like there was no ending to the story. An awful lot of nasty, psycho, disjointed characters and all good at the lying game, a bit too far fetched for me. But I haven't given up on the series yet.

    3 stretched stars

    From the blurb: L.A.P.D. Detective Peter Decker doesn't know quite what to make of Lilah Brecht. The beautiful, eccentric spa owner and daughter of a faded Hollywood legend, Lilah was beaten, robbed, and raped in her own home -- and claims to have psychic powers that enable her to see even more devastating events looming on the horizon. With his heart and mind on his pregnant young wife, Rina Lazarus, at home, Peter finds it hard to put much credence in the victim's outrageous claims, or to become too deeply involved with her equally odd brothers and aging film star mom. But when Lilah's dark visions turn frighteningly real, Decker's world will be severely rocked -- as the false prophet's secrets and obsessions entrap the dedicated policeman ... and point a killer toward Decker's own vulnerable family. Mass Market Paperback

    Even to case-hardened Detective Sergeant Pete Decker the brutal rape of Lilah Brecht, exquisite daughter of an aged Hollywood movie queen, is a disturbing act of violence. The only leads are provided by Lilah herself. However, Lilah's credibility is soon shattered when it emerges that she didn't physically see her rapist. It was only her 'gift' of second sight that enable her to 'image' her attacker. She claims that Decker is the only policeman who can truly understand and catch her attacker, who, she says, is still threatening her. Decker, however, is not so sure and is anxious to protect his heavily pregnant wife Rina from Lilah's alternately seductive and hysterical phone calls. But when Decker himself sees Lilah almost killed in a freak accident, he begins to think he may have judged her too harshly... False Prophet (Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus #5)


    I love her books - old or new! It is intellectual, riveting and quite simply fun. I don't feel bad about indulging in a book for pleasure when it is a Kellerman novel. Mass Market Paperback This is the worst in an already uneven series. A horse running into the side of a mountain? Are you kidding me? The mystery really is not much of a mystery. You read it and have a feeling that this is an early draft and the real book is somewhere else. Mass Market Paperback For some weird reason, I didn't remember the plot of this one, even though I did remember the name of he victim and the fact that det. Scott Oliver made his first appearance in the series.
    In any case, one of the best in the series. What stars out as a case of rape turns into a case of very difficult and complex, twisted and cruel family dynamics, murder and secrets that would shatter worlds.

    A very convoluted, complex and twisted case, with a deliciously demented cast of characters- something Kellerman's excels at.
    Five stars.

    (On a personal note, re-reading the series proves to be a fantastic choice, though I do need to pick up the pace a bit). Mass Market Paperback Round up to 3.5 stars. Mass Market Paperback

    I liked this book and the characters. It wasn't a can't put it down novel, but reading until midnight was in the cards. Mass Market Paperback