Falling For The Boss (The Attracelli Family, #2) By Elizabeth Lennox

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    Welcome to the second story in the Attracelli Family Series!

    Thomas Attracelli is trying to interview the lovely Victoria Anderson to fill a critical role on his team. Unfortunately, the more he talks to her, the more he wants her in his bed, not on his team. Her delicate beauty and soul stirring smile would distract him and create a problem on the team. Finding out she has a fiance puts her out of his grasp and he relents, allowing her to join his team.

    Victoria Anderson's life was predictable, stable....boring. She wants just one last adventure before she settles down with her fiance. What she doesn't anticipate is the need that Thomas evokes within her, causing a yearning she's never experienced before, never even knew could exist.

    The only problem? Victoria realizes that she's The Other Woman. Trying to do the right thing and stay out of the picture nearly destroys her, but she can't share Thomas with someone else. Falling For The Boss (The Attracelli Family, #2)

    I loved this book! This story was awesome! I had to read it from PDF, wish I could have saved on Kindle so I can read it over and over again, that's how much I loved this book! They should make a movie out of this story! Romance, Contemporary, Ebooks I loved this book couldn't put it down. Victoria Anderson applied for a job that would require a lot of challenging work and the best part a lot of traveling, but it would only be for one year which was fine by her because she was planning on settling down with her boyfriend Brad. Thomas Attraceli didn't want Victoria on the team because he found her very attractive and didn't want the distraction, but when the head of human relations Margie Peterman told him that she had a boyfriend he changed his mined. After working together for months they both couldn't stop thinking about each other, but they would try to keep busy with work. One night Thomas couldn't take it anymore and finally made the choice to see if Victoria felt the same about him like he felt about her. After months of spending time together, Victoria couldn't take it anymore and broked it off with Thomas when she heard him talking to Antonia on the phone. Thomas became angry with Victoria that he started treating her bad infront of the team, but after talking it out Victoria realised who Antonia really was. On one of their weekends off Thomas & Victoria went to his family dinner at his brothers house were they all saw her wearing a big ring. Romance, Contemporary, Ebooks Love Elizabeth Lennox's books!
    Another great story about falling in love. And how can you not love the men in this series. Yummy! Romance, Contemporary, Ebooks Good quick read Romance, Contemporary, Ebooks I found a sample of this book on iBooks with a note stating that you can get this book for free if you sign on for email updates at www.elizabethlennox.com you can download the PDF into iBooks, kindle or stanza so it should be good for everyone.

    This is the first book I've read by this author and I enjoyed it and may have to look into others. Victoria applies for a job which has lots of hours and travelling this seems odd since she's in a long term relationship which is heading towards marriage but her partner seems happy with this and she wants to travel before she settles down. Her new boss Thomas is not what she was expecting and fights the attraction from the first meeting, this attraction grows the more time she spends with him and it appears as if it's mutual. This book had some good characters particularly Mike and Bob, the humour and working relationship between the four of them is very good. I liked the way the tension and attraction built up between Victoria and Thomas, some of the book was silly and contrived but ultimately it's a romance. A nice easy read which had the bonus of being free. Romance, Contemporary, Ebooks


    So sweet. Lots of complex relations but you never got lost along the way. Well written, engaging and heartwarming. Can't wait to read the others in this series. Romance, Contemporary, Ebooks Quite a good book. Liked the story line but wanted more to happen between the main characters. Romance, Contemporary, Ebooks just a simple plot :) nice ♥ Romance, Contemporary, Ebooks Took long to develop
    2.5 Romance, Contemporary, Ebooks 4 1/2⭐️estória bem bonitinha Romance, Contemporary, Ebooks