Face of Danger By Valerie Hansen

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    Giving murder victims a face is forensic artist Paige Bryant's specialty. She can always put the pieces together. But her work turns dangerous when Texas Ranger Cade Jarvis brings her a special project related to the notorious Lions of Texas. Identifying the victim could help with the ongoing search for the murderer of Cade's boss…yet it also draws deadly attention to Paige. As she contends with attack after attack with only Cade's protection, the two of them draw closer together, learn to open their hearts…and struggle to identify the face of danger before it's too late. Face of Danger

    Talk about a TSTL heroine - Paige needed to learn some impulse control. I've known six year olds who could follow directions better, and had more common sense. She definitely ruined the story for me. Romance, Mystery Thrillers, Historical Fiction The Face of Danger by Valerie Hansen Book 3 in Texas Ranger Justice Series
    Paige Bryant is the forensic artist for the Rangers. She resides and works in Austin. After her sister was kidnapped and never found at age three she grew up to want to help others find the closure that her family never had. Her life is busy but safe, until Cade Jarvis comes to town bearing a skull. Then her quiet world explodes. Not only is someone terrorizing Paige and destroying her work space...Cade has invaded her heart as well!

    Cade Jarvis is run off the road on his way to Austin by a drunk driver, or so he thinks until one thing after another starts happening while with Paige. Now they realize someone does not want Paige to do her job and identify the person found on Jennifer Rodgers property.
    Cade had met Paige before but not taken much notice, now however she was hard to ignore. She had her hair down and no longer had glasses, what a beauty. Cade had to keep his mind on the job which at the moment was protecting this gorgeous woman and her big dog, Max. Could he protect his heart as well? Romance, Mystery Thrillers, Historical Fiction Really great book:) It kept me on the edge of my seat from the beginning! Romance, Mystery Thrillers, Historical Fiction I like how this series brings in minor characters from earlier books, like Paige, and brings their personalities and issues front and center. The fact that Paige and Cade already knew each other, as always, helps. Romance, Mystery Thrillers, Historical Fiction 3rd book in this series and im hooked cant wait to complete
    Romance, Mystery Thrillers, Historical Fiction


    I really enjoyed this book. The relationship between Paige, and Cade seemed real. At times they made me laugh. I was a little disappointed it took so long for their 1st kiss, or for them to act on what they both felt. I guess that too made it seem more real. This book had action, suspense, with a light touch of romance. If you enjoy books with no sex at all, then you will love this book. Romance, Mystery Thrillers, Historical Fiction This is a series I've been enjoying, book 3 read and 3 more to go. Each book is by a different author. Romance, Mystery Thrillers, Historical Fiction *3 Stars!! Romance, Mystery Thrillers, Historical Fiction This is the third in the series Texas Ranger Justice, and it's really good. It goes from the first book where their Captain of Company D is killed and each book brings them closer to the killer. I have already read the four and fifth one, now I just started the last one. You should read them!! Romance, Mystery Thrillers, Historical Fiction #3 Texas Ranger Justice

    A body has been found.

    It's up to forensic artist Paige Bryant to work with the skull and give the victim a face so he can be identified.

    Only the Lions of Texas want his identity to remain a secret.

    So Paige is their new target.

    And Ranger Cade Jarvis is her bodyguard until her job is done ~ will he be able to walk away from her when the job is done?

    Another great continuation in the Texas Ranger Justice continuity ~ & I love the fact this series is based on the Texas Rangers :).

    You really do need to read these books in order as each book, while a story on its own, also has a plot which runs & develops through all the 6 books, building up to the grand finale in book 6. This means that you will not only want to read this book, but also the other 5 in the series! So if you are looking for a one off story to read, then this is not the book for you. However, if you are short of reading material & want a series to get you going, then you might want to try out this series.

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