Evil Ninja Masters (La Blue Girl: The Original Manga, Book 2) By Toshio Maeda


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    Evil Ninja Masters (La Blue Girl: The Original Manga, Book 2)

    Black and white adult graphic novel. Erotic Grotesque style Japanese Manga. (Labeled: Graphic Novel/Erotic/Horror/Manga; ABSOLUTELY NOT FOR CHILDREN).

    Similar to the Maeda's Demon Invasion books. This series was turned into a Japanese animation film.

    Most of the main characters return in this sequel. The returning characters include: Miko, a ninja and university student, Miko's sister Miyu, Miko's small ninja friend Nin Nin, and tentacled demons.

    In this book, Miko meets a new enemy, the Suzukasan Style Ninja Clan. If this clan can defeat Miko, they will gain control of the demons and rule earth. The Suzukasan Clan try to overcome Miko by using sex to weaken her.

    This strange book, like its predecessor, is filled with rape, aliens, and violence. The series is subjectively better than his Demon Invasion series, though still hindered by being in black in white. Overall, the characters are well drawn, have actual personalities, and the book has a strong, though sometimes strange plot. 9781586648725