Evernote User Guide: From Newbie to an Expert in Less Than 2 Hours! By Edward Johnson

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    The world we live in today is filled with office documents, insurance policies, class lectures, digital contacts, and so on. Imagine a day in your life without the internet. It has become such an integral part of our lives that we feel like being handicapped without our PCs, laptops or cell phones.
    Technology has made our lives complicated. However, at the same time, it has also provided us several means to sort out the complications. And Evernote is one such technological revolution. Think of the time when you had to keep all your office related records or school lectures on papers. How frustrating it used to be to empty the entire bureau or skim through every file just to find a single piece of paper.

    Well, you don’t have to go through that frustration anymore. With Evernote, you can create, edit, organize, search and share any and all documents in a span of seconds. Don’t worry if this term is strange to you. It won’t be strange anymore after going through this guide.

    From the basics of where to find Evernote and how to download it to the advanced features and uses of this breakthrough technological revolution, this guide tells you all you need to know about Evernote.
    So don’t just stop here. Spare two hours of your time to read this book and make your life easy by becoming an Evernote expert.

    What is included in this book?

    What is Evernote?
    Premium Vs. Free
    Chapter 1: Getting Started With Evernote
    Evernote on Web
    Compatible Platforms
    Get Your Evernote Account
    Customize Your Screen
    Chapter 2: Evernote - The Basics
    How to Create a Note
    How to Create a Tag
    How to Edit a Note
    Copy/Paste Text Formatting
    How to Delete a Note
    Adding Attachments
    Evernote Notebook
    Stack the Notebook
    To Delete or Not to Delete
    Sync the Account Activity
    Chapter 3: Evernote Search Options
    Search Evernote
    Search Notebook
    Evernote Search Tips
    Chapter 4: Share Files with Evernote
    How Can You Share Notes
    How Can You Share Notebooks
    Chapter 5: How to Clip Web Content
    Chapter 6: Evernote Shortcuts
    Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows
    Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac
    Chapter 7: Evernote on the Go
    Evernote on Android
    Evernote on Apple
    Chapter 8: Cook with Evernote
    Chapter 9: Plan Your Trip with Evernote
    Chapter 10: Quick Tips for Using Evernote
    Learn the Shortcuts
    Evernote as an Address Book
    Save Your Favorites
    Save Your Space
    Team Work
    Link Notes
    Selected Web Clipping
    Tweet and Post
    Uses for Evernote
    Evernote Search Terms
    Final Words Evernote User Guide: From Newbie to an Expert in Less Than 2 Hours!

    Per quanto possa essere una buona base di partenza, non è nulla che non si possa imparare in un paio d'ore di utilizzo di Evernote Evernote User Guide: From Newbie to an Expert in Less Than 2 Hours!