Edge of Doom (Haruspex Trilogy #2) By E.M. Swift-Hook

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    Really enjoyed the second installment! A solid 4 stars!

    The writing was good yet again and the pace was thrilling. There was plenty of interpersonal conflict yet again whilst set in a smartly crafted world full of political intrigue.
    I was hooked from the get go as I was very intrigued to find out what happened after the first book. I enjoyed the arc of Avilon in this book, the character building was great again.
    I can't wait for the third book now!
    Science Fiction, Alternate History I’m still in recovery after finishing this book

    In Edge of Doom, we follow Avilon, Durban and Jaz, three impossibly sexy characters, as they create an empire and fight ‘the man’ in an effort to save one of their own. In typical Swift-Hook fashion, nothing is simple or predictable, but it all pulls together in a tight clean ending that will leave you pacing the floor.

    This isn’t a good book to read when you are in a public place. You will find yourself explaining things to the characters when you want them to behave. People around you won’t know why you are yelling at your book and it generally causes a scene. Not that I know this to be true personally or anything.

    Also, don’t read this one out of order. If you don’t know what’s happened so far with Avilon, a lot of Edge of Doom will be lost on you.

    And finally, when you get to the end, you will want to write a sternly worded memo regarding the general condition and treatment of some of the characters in this book. I am considering taking up a collection to find out where the author lives and explain some things. Poison is not our friend. Torture is bad. Things like that. Maybe we can send Jaz to do it. Science Fiction, Alternate History This chapter of the Haruspex Trilogy, takes off from where book one left you hanging. It sees Durban Chola in charge of Shame Cullen. This, unfortunately, has its drawbacks, as he is now a target of many different rival factions. Jaz, his right hand man has gone missing, and Avalon Ravid has gone off the rails slightly. With no real protection, he lives in fear of his life everyday, and it's a hear miss that draws Jaz back out, but not everything is clear cut. We get see an old friend rejoin the story as well, Charity Sweetling, who sends warning of future attacks. I refuse to go any further for fear of exposing spoilers...that is a really bad habit of mine.

    Again, I find myself hooked on every word, and every action. The author does a good job of holding my attention, and I guess that's why I am such a huge fan of her work. Let's put it this way, I had never considered reading Space Opera's,nor did I want to, but then E.M. Swift-Hook came along and changed all that, and for that I am grateful.

    You'll be missing out on this well written story, if you didn't even consider taking a look. I highly recommend it if you are a lover of Space Opera's. Science Fiction, Alternate History This is more like 4.5 stars out of 5.

    Well, don't start this book if you have something else to do with your time, like eat or sleep.

    The book picks off where 'Trust a Few' left off. Our main characters are still establishing their criminal cartel in the 'City--think the mafia and then multiply. The tone is gritty, the characters complex, and the setting unforgettable.

    The writer has pulled off what I would have thought impossible. I would never want to meet any of these people in real life as they are not the sort I'd like to have as friends. The three main male characters kill without remorse (and one in particular excels in torture, although we are spared the exact details). Charity, the female character, finds herself drawn into their gritty schemes. And yet, I couldn't help but to care deeply what happens to each of them.

    Friendships and alliances shift and change between the four characters. The author has done a masterful job of showing us how, in particular, two of the men move from loathing each other to a form of friendship.

    The book sometimes contains awkward sentence constructions, and I'm still a bit hazy as to the relationship between the 'City and Central. And although the violence is off screen, as it were, there is still quite a bit of it.

    I'm looking forward to the final book in this series!
    Science Fiction, Alternate History
    Edge of Doom is the sequel to Trust a Few and continues where the first book in the series ended.

    This book may even be more gritty and violent than the first. Avilon, Durban, Jaz and Charis are all tough, kick-ass characters, who go through a lot of punishment, but dish it out a whole lot more.

    Edge of Doom would definitely be confusing if you read it before the first book, but hopefully readers don’t start series out of order. As there was a gap between books I was a little overwhelmed remembering all the names at the start, but that soon faded.

    The fast pace and plethora of action scenes were complimented well by the political intrigue running alongside it. The Haruspex trilogy is turning into a fine series.
    Science Fiction, Alternate History

    Dear Durban, I know I've not been in touch as much as I should but I brought a man to the City called Zathery Ryle. He is paying me to help him kill you. Take care. Best wishes, Charis.

    When Charis discovers her best friend has taken over a criminal syndicate and her boyfriend has been keeping dangerous secrets from her, things begin to spin apart. She learns the hard way that in the City your own fingers can easily get just as dirty as those you despise. Edge of Doom (Haruspex Trilogy #2)

    Durban Chola is the undisputed boss of Starcity’s criminal syndicates. With the two ex-soldiers from the punitive ‘Specials,’ Jaz and Avilon, at his side to provide protection and muscle, there is nobody in the criminal underground that can stand against him.

    But when the legendary criminal Shame Cullen rises again and makes an attempt on Chola’s life, violence erupts all over the ‘City. Together, they must uncover the truth behind Shame Cullen and defend themselves from the other criminal organizations closing in before it’s too late.

    Edge of Doom is a wonderfully crafted second book of the Haruspex Trilogy. It is another slow-burning sci-fi noir that serves as a perfect compliment to Trust A Few. The first book was good, but a lot of the time, it felt like one long info dump. The author did good work keeping it interesting enough to keep turning pages, but it was a tough read for me.

    But, I have to say, it was worth it for Edge of Doom. After the characters’ fates intertwined in Trust a Few, they find a shared trajectory. The complex motivations make each character jump off the page, whether it be Jaz and Avilon trying to rebuild their life after the Specials, Charis and Foss desperately clinging to what little bit of ‘normalcy’ they can obtain in the ‘City, or Chola’s need to hold onto power. At the same time, the gritty world the author created eventually makes everything much simpler. Everyone may have entered the story for different reasons, but, by the end, they must depend on each other for their very survival.

    I especially like Avilon’s development in this book. Released from the ‘Specials’ with no memory of the crime that sent to that fate, Avilon moves through this world with a strange child-like innocence. But as more details about Avilon’s life start seeping out in this novel, he has to deal with the idea that, not only was he a terrible person, but he was also a brilliant, capable person. Almost the opposite of how he sees himself now.

    I also love the return of Shame Cullen, a kind of ‘Dread Pirate Roberts’ character. It adds a layer of legend and mystique to this world. Shame Cullen appears around every corner is behind every plot; it’s almost as if Shame Cullen is the spirit of the ‘City and ready to turn the hand of fate against anyone foolish enough to think they can control it.

    One thing that did bug me about this book was the fate of a character that played a big part in Trust a Few. Without giving too much away, I felt like his fate should have meant more to the characters in the book. As it was, after he played his part, it felt like everyone was done with him and just moved on. But, in a way, it speaks to how well-crafted the characters are that I found myself caring about what proved to be a relatively minor character.

    Overall a great book but, again, one that a reader really has to make time for. I don’t think I would recommend this book to someone who has to cram reading time together whenever they can. But if a person is lucky enough to be able to carve out an hour or two in the evening, dim the lights and put on some music. Edge of Doom is a wonderful story to lose oneself in. Science Fiction, Alternate History The Plot Thickens. This is the second book in a futuristic Trilogy, replete with an intricate dystopian megalopolis in a far-reaching galaxy. There are many secrets in this tale that the author drops like bread crumbs along the way. Three people with a volatile history from years ago are thrown together again: two are ex-con mercenaries working as enforcers for the third who runs a criminal syndicate. The plot ties our well-defined characters together with new revelations about one man’s past and debts owed him by the other two. Their journey to set things right is tempered with sly humor, double-dealing escapades, down and dirty violence as it races headlong toward the finish line. A real nail-biter. I loved it! Science Fiction, Alternate History The second of the Haruspex Trilogy begins soon after Trust a Few and trust is still a big issue between the three main characters -- Jaz, Durban, and Avilon. Charis, often referred to as Avilon’s Charity case plays a role behind the scenes as Durban tries to run his inherited business venture. Someone or something is trying to stop him and he spends much of this installment trying to stay alive. Jaz and Avilon are protecting Durban while ‘cleaning house’ in an effort to find where the leaks in security are. The world-building is amazing in its complexity. Thuringen is situated within a galaxy that does not experience days as we do because of the different sun and moons, they go days with or without daylight. Time is sorted by cycles, and money, communication, and commerce are dealt with through linking. It’s a complete and intricate world, dark and dangerous, with layers of intrigue. Even though I certainly would not want to be a part this world, I enjoy every single morsel and nugget of its description.
    It’s an amazing story with many surprises along the way and I could really feel that our MCs are balanced precariously at the Edge of Doom. I especially love the way Avilon progresses through this portion of the storyline as he ‘matures.’ I don’t want to give too much away but believe anyone who loves Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Psychological Thrillers or any other type of Speculative Fiction would find any of E.M. Swift-Hook’s writing more than worthwhile. Highly Recommended.
    Science Fiction, Alternate History Book 2 is another must-read

    Once more we dive into a world of complex mystery, intrigue and manipulations. This time, the focus is on the development and running of a crime syndicate in a world of powerful technology and ruthless murder.
    All the set-up from the first book plays out in satisfying ways with the characters learning more and more about each other, and the overarching threat.
    I honestly can't wait to see how the two major plots converge in the next installment! Science Fiction, Alternate History Edge Doom is as grit and grim as Trust a Few. There are differences too, and they are named Charity and Kahina Sarava. Their roles are more important, and while the first brings some normal human feelings in the plot, the second one offer a glimpse into the future: a future driven by social prediction and engineering. Like it or not, that future will find a way from the futurist novels into our live. It has already begun.
    What is also different in this second novel in the series: a more detailed view on the inner motivations of the main characters, Durban, Avilon and Jaz. They look less ‘crime syndicate’ now, even when they lead one. There is also a revival of the old and more interesting Durban from Transgressor Trilogy. There is also the episode with Roeul Vor Ritsun which comes out of the blue, and doesn’t really match Durban’s personality.
    In the end, the main story is about characters and their complicated relationship, and friendship which endures. And everything is on the edge. Science Fiction, Alternate History