Dragonking of Mystara (Mystara: The Dragonlord Chronicles, #2) By Thorarinn Gunnarsson

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    This series is standard fantasy fare, but there are much better books in the genre. The author makes many first-time mistakes (which is embarrassing considering he's written eleven books already) like telling, not showing. The characters are flat and underdeveloped. We have all the genre clichés present and correct: dragons, orcs, mystic elves, grumpy dwarves. For a fantasy world Mystara is strangely bland and boring. There's too much thinking and not enough doing. Not much happens in almost 400 pages. And the ending is a bit ridiculous. But if you're expectaions aren't very high or you'll read anything fantasy, this is fine. Mass Market Paperback I'm looking forward to reading the final book. Mass Market Paperback

    Establishing a shaky peace with the dragons, Dragonlord Thelvyn Fox Eyes is distraught when they attempt to use him as a pawn and weapon against their enemies in a new plot for power, which he fears will spark another war. Original. 100,000 first printing. Dragonking of Mystara (Mystara: The Dragonlord Chronicles, #2)