Dragon Is Coming! By Valeri Gorbachev


    A cute book about how things can get misconstrued. Also, dragons. Childrens Books A twist on the Henny Penny story. Childrens Books My son really like this book Childrens Books A cute book that's reminiscent of Chicken Little. Childrens Books I like the animal sounds. The ending was a bit anti climatic. Childrens Books

    Reading - 5/5
    Copyright - 2009
    Themes - fear, overreaction, unaware, misunderstanding
    I thought this was a cute little story, that could be read to children k through 3 at most. My favorite part of the book was the ending because no one was mad at mouse for the misunderstanding, instead, they told him that the thundercloud was actually scary, but was not a dragon.
    This story could teach children to get all the facts before they act, because what they think might not actually be what's happening. Childrens Books A version of Chicken Little. Dog is looking at the sky, cloud watching, when he sees a big gray cloud that looks like a dragon. Mouse wakes up and only hears the dragon part. He runs to tell all of the other animals that a Dragon is coming. Childrens Books A little mouse tries to warn his friends about the coming menace . . . but is it really what he thinks it is? Another winner by author/artist Gorbachev. Childrens Books Read this book for my son as a story time. It’s a cute story. Dog is watching the blue sky with cloud shapes like ducks and ice cream cones. Then a thunderstorm comes and block out the sun. The mouse napping nearby woken up and thought the dark clouds look like a dragon swallowed the sun. He ran and called up all the animals in the area to go into hiding. Love the illustrations and story. I like the ending. Highly recommended. Borrowed this book from local library. Childrens Books Clever story and wonderful illustrations. My kids love this book and my son has taken to say, Dragon/lion/alligator/any animal is coming! My daughter then gets very worried. Very cute. Childrens Books

    Mouse is certain that a big gray dragon flying overhead will spell doom for her and her animal friends. So she makes it her mission to lead everyone to the safety of the barn. But it seems as though nothing will stop this hideous creature. Then the barn doors squeak open slowly . . . revealing what everyone has been dreading. . . . Wait. It's just their friend Dog?
    Much-loved author-illustrator Valeri Gorbachev gives an old tale a twist that is sure to get kids giggling at even the most thunderous of storms. Dragon Is Coming!

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