Dobys Lessons (Brats in Training #1) By Stormy Glenn


    A dom with his sub or a master with his pet. Both weren't my kink. I thought I can handle it but no. Still didn't like and enjoyed it, at all. ebook Interesting and hot ebook Read on 3-18-14

    Eh. It would be nice if they actually talked about what was going to happen since Doby was such a nube. Is it really that hard to talk about limits? Yeah, Taylor gave him a safeword, but they never actually talked. It really irked me because of how upset and indecisive Doby was. Like about the platter? Taylor is a selfish prick. That's all there is to it. ebook DNF @46% ebook Only so-so which was disappointing. Doby is cute as hell but Taylor takes the “Dom” to a whole new level. Oh, and all the completely inappropriate things that occurred between boss and employee, were pretty far fetched even for fiction. ebook

    [Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, bondage, spanking, HEA]

    Doby Rathom wants to expand his sex life. Hell, he just wants a sex life, and he believes having a Dom will do just that. He decides to place an ad in the local paper and find one. Only, as luck would have it, or not have it, he accidently hits the wrong button and his e-mail is sent to the head of his department, Taylor McKinley, who is also the sexiest man Doby has ever met in his life.

    Doby is mortified, and also in jeopardy of losing his job. When Taylor makes him an offer to train him to be a sub in exchange for not placing the ad, Doby is all for it. Especially if it means he gets to experience his training at the hands of the handsome Dom. Oh yeah, and he can keep his job. It's a win-win situation.

    Until Doby starts receiving blackmail threats.

    Someone is out to get Doby and he doesn't have a clue who it could be. His best friend? One of his coworkers? Taylor? Before Doby can discover who is trying to blackmail him, he first has to learn to be a sub. But when the blackmailer strikes again, running to Taylor for help seems like the right decision. But, is it? Will Taylor be his savior or his downfall? Dobys Lessons (Brats in Training #1)

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    first off I normally love Stormy's books, but the last one I couldn't finish and put to the side cause the style was so much like someone else and then this one didn't really care for. Think I will have to just re-read the Wolf series over again.

    I didn't care for Taylor.
    I think before you an teach someone patience and control you should have some yourself. ebook This is a very entertaining story with some light BDSM thrown in to spice it up. Very kinky. Each of the two main characters is a very clear-drawn example of a Dom (Taylor) and a sub (Doby), respectively. The twist at the end made me grin, and the way Taylor and Doby handled the situation, each in their own way, was very satisfying.

    Doby has been looking for someone to submit to forever. I thought his placing an ad basically saying 'please let me submit to you' was a hilarious idea - only because this is fiction and ideas like that work here. In real life this would be much too dangerous! Doby turns out to be even more perfectly suited to being a sub than he thought. And even at the end, Doby stayed true to himself and didn't let go of his 'brattiness' - which was a big part of Taylor's attraction to him.

    Taylor, being the big, bad Dom, might never admit out loud exactly why he is so attracted to Doby. Clearly, his looks are part of it, but his behavior is another big part. Once they start their relationship (or Doby's training, as they refer to it), Doby's eagerness and ability to please him both physically and emotionally become more important, but the fact that Doby is a brat at heat gives great satisfaction to both of them.

    If you like the more playful side of BDSM and want to explore a light, entertaining story about two men truly made for each other, then you will probably like this novella. ebook The day after reading this book, I saw in Kindle that I should review it. So, I supposed that I bought and read it. Then I went to see what is the book description and I remembered. Yes, I read it. Usually, I have no problem with my memory. So, if I did not remember this story, it means that it is very forgettable. Nothing special about it. A short-short story of a young sub meeting an older Dom (his boss).

    Doby is not a brat from my point of view. I do not know why all the authors think that a sub who smiled when happy to have pleased his Dom is a brat or when a sub has a good sense of humour but he stays respectful. Should a sub be stern and boring not to be seen as a brat? I like smiling and laughing guys, as long as they are not always laughing at me. ;) ebook I’m confused on this one. I was entertained, but it was rushed for a first time, wet behind the ears sub. It seemed like Alan (?) taught Doby (I kept picturing the elf from HP) 3 things and was like ok, you’re a sub… I liked Tom (?) in his bad ass role of Dom/boss and without him I see this as same story, different author.

    As you can see, I can’t even remember the Dom’s name, but I feel like it starts with a T. So we’re going with that.
    ebook 2012 Review:

    Well. Going into this I already knew they would probably get the BDSM wrong. And they did, although it could have been worse. Most notably, though, they do not distinguish punishment from discipline which is a big deal, actually. Oh well.

    Overall this was a fairly cute story and I appreciated watching the big Dom getting completely addicted to Doby within the shortest amount of time possible. How’s that for a power balance?

    But yeah, not much content here. Still, I guess that once more this wasn’t the author’s evil twin at work. ebook