Desired by the Alien Prince (Desired by the Alien, #1) By Ava Acitore

    I am not sure how I feel about this book. I liked the idea that the book summary presented but I am not sure it met my expectations. It was well written but fast-paced, which made the plot way to fast in its development of the characters relationship and setting. I thinks I would have liked for longer and more in-depth plot. One that would have made the story more descriptive and the characters more detailed and profound. Ava Acitore So-So

    A quick read for sure. Feels a bit more like only being given access to the first quarter of a book. I liked more than I disliked on this one, but not by much. It’s fair for a free book, and works great as a quick gym or bedtime read. Ava Acitore Short and cute

    Quick short romance. It really does move fast. And I like the clarity to downsize the confusion. Melanie is as administrative assistant to her boss Jared but a Jared-Imposter arrives to confuse and seduce her. There was a couple places where Miranda shows up but it was a typo for Melanie. Ava Acitore I'm going to sum up this book in four words. Are you ready?

    1. What
    2. The
    3. Actual
    4. Fuck

    I love a bit of alien smut. It's a genre that's almost always hilarious, intentionally or not. Unfortunately, I'm running low on the freebies and I definitely scraped the barrel with this one. Because, really, what the actual fuck did I just read?

    Fourty four tiny pages and we crammed in:

    And quite a lot of other things besides.

    1.5 stars because, oddities aside, thank God or whoever for an author that has a decent vocabulary and knows how to use the past perfect! Ava Acitore Alien Prince...

    I'm sure this author is good, I've never heard of her until I came across this in search for more extraterrestrial romance stories. However, I could not stick with the book. I wasn't feeling it after Melanie's botched abduction that the alien Prince had to save her from only to abduct her to his world, lol. It may have been my mood for the night reading this or the storyline wasn't it for me. I just couldn't get past chapter 7. I did give this book 3 cups of cooled java, ☕☕☕, for the effort and like I said maybe it's me mood or the storyline isn't working for me. Ava Acitore


    Review Desired by the Alien Prince (Desired by the Alien, #1)

    A Scifi Alien Abduction Romance

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    Desired by the Alien Prince

    The man looks just like her boss, but he insists that his name is Odin and that he needs her back in his world. He needs to mate with her because he needs an Earth woman to replenish his planet. Much to her dismay, her curiosity trumps her rationale.

    Odin grasps her shoulders and gently pulls her against him. His lips inch close to hers, giving her time to stop him, but she has no in-tention of doing so. They are in his world now, and she wants to taste all of him.

    Their lips finally meet, and Melanie melts against him, unable to do anything but submit.

    As they leave Earth behind, Melanie realizes that her life will never be the same. If she is in a coma, she wants to live out this dream, yet she looks forward to what awaits her on Cardonia. Desired by the Alien Prince (Desired by the Alien, #1)

    The smut was good in this, but I wish it had been longer. I wanted to know more about Melanie's new life on Cartonia. Ava Acitore Not impressed

    It was a very shirt read with no substance or real body to the story. It was like a minute in a fantasy dream... I doubt I will read more by this author. More could have been done with this for sure. Ava Acitore Sadly, not good. The storyline was really odd and the writing was badly edited for the genre as well as not making much sense. Ava Acitore No

    Awful. What did I just read? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ava Acitore Read original review at
    If you knew me at all, 8 o’clock wouldn’t catch me in bed unless I was cuddled up with a good book. Chores done, well fed, I was in the mood for some good reading. With Desired by an Alien Prince on my laptop screen, I was ready and hella willing to spend hours consuming the book. I started, my smile stretched a mile long and in under an hour my reading ended. No, not because I fell asleep or because I was summoned to a family meeting. No my good people, it was because the book had ended. Literally ended, final word, full stop.
    Okay, let me walk you through this short read. Melanie/ Miranda Collier, I couldn’t tell for certain the actual name of the protagonist and apparently, neither could the author. The story introduced her as Melanie and if my count was on point and memory served well, she became Miranda two or three times during the read. Very confusing, but out of the kindness of my heart I allowed that error to slide.
    Melanie works for a Jared Scott as his administrative assistant. The fellow who lost his wife of three years to a car accident has not reported to work. He has disappeared without the courtesy of leaving a note to confirm his wellbeing. Like a good and caring employee, Melanie doesn’t pick up the phone to check on him or stop by his home. Nope, she does the honorable thing and assumes his role as boss. Thursday she was greeted by the message he left her on her answering machine. His voice hoarse, he explained that he was sick, laryngitis had him singing the blues. Still no concrete reason to check on him, she continues to run his company for the remainder of the week.
    Unwinding nicely at her dead parents’ lake house, a vision hits her. A burn mark on Jared’s neck showed up in her psyche. This was all the motivation she needed to pick up her butt and plant it into her car and drive to his house. However, she never gets there. A minor road accident left her head in a daze. I mean real daze. The girl imagined herself being rescued by a knight in shining armor, riding a white horse.
    Who is this knight you ask? Jared Scott? Looks can be very deceiving. Her knight in armor is a Jared Scott look alike. His real name, Odin of Cartonia. He is an alien prince who has come to mate with Melanie or Miranda Collier. Whoever. The protagonist. In an effort to unite his planet and Earth. This is no dream. This is her reality. I thought I had witnessed enough insta-romance but this one beats them all by a mile and some. Did you know it only takes an alien prince who knows nothing about love eight days to fall in love with a human, and impregnate her with his heir? Hey, you learn something new every day.
    Everything in my opinion happened too fast and the protagonist was way too accepting of such life changing events. I know fiction isn’t one hundred percent reality but there must be some levels of believability. But maybe I just don’t understand the order of things on planet Cartonia. Perhaps I’m the once suffering from ignorance. Take a read and tell me how you enjoyed this story. Happy Reading!
    -Chantol Aspinall
    Ava Acitore