Designing the 21st Century By Charlotte J. Fiell

    Designing the 21st Century : Fiell, Charlotte J., Fiell, Peter M.: : Livres Designing the 21st Century

    Overall, I like this book because you can't beat 300+ pages of full color pictures for 10 bucks. It includes the work or many designers, each designer getting about 4 6 pages. For each designer, there is a picture of the designer, a quote by the designer (in English, German, and French), and several examples of the designer's work. The one thing that really frustrates me is that there are no descriptions of the objects. There is only a title and a year, such as Handmixer, 1999, but I am often left wondering how an item works or how it evolved in the designer's mind. I guess for that we have to rely on other books, but if all you're looking for is a breif overview of modern design with a lot of nice pictures, this is a good way to go. Designing the 21st Century

    Un très beau livre, j'ai été très surpris par sa qualité au vu du prix. La couverture est semi rigide et le toucher mat très agréable. Le contenu est complet et retrace bien le design au fil du siècle. Impeccable comme base. Designing the 21st Century A good read for designers. But you will find it of retro design than modern design as this book is old. I bought it for our college library Designing the 21st Century Toujour et encore TACHENS, il ont tous compris, bonne référence, bonnes photos, livre de qualité, après cela reste des premiers livres, si l'on veux approfondir il faudra taper chez des editeurs plus spécialiser et aussi plus cher. Designing the 21st Century Ideal zum Studium für den Bereich Innenarchitektur!Bunt aufgemacht. Interessant gestaltet und wirklich hilfreich.Ideales Nachschlagewerk und zum Vorbereiten auf Prüfungen! Designing the 21st Century I have never had a book like this before with so much nice images of products and so easily accessable at the same time. A book written in three languages at the same time is a great idea. Designing the 21st Century

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