Dead of Night (The Blood Curse Chronicles #1) By James Agee Jr.

    Such a great fresh vampire story! It isn't super romantic or anything but it's a great story that I will recommend. Dead of Night (The Blood Curse Chronicles #1) *I was sent an Advanced Readers Copy for review, however this is 100% my thoughts on the story.*
    First off, wow, i actually read 75% of this book in one sitting. This book truly is a page turner. I found myself wanting to know more of the story of Christoph and Talia. I am a massive fan of the Twilight books as i am obsessed with vampires so this book was totally my thing, i did get a few twilight feels at times but that did make the book dull or boring... in fact it made it even better. I love how Talia gave up her house and because a gypsie specifically because i've never come across a book with the main character being a gypsie and i thought it was really interesting to read about that kind of conditions for living.

    This is a great (and quick) read and has left me wanting more! I personally think that this is one of James' best works yet!
    Thank you James for sending me an ARC! Dead of Night (The Blood Curse Chronicles #1) This is a refreshing change on the average vampire story. Talia, Christoph, and Lilly are following a map in a old book that needs blood as much as they do. Will it lead them to a cure or to a war.

    This is a great read. I see gumbo in my future as I wait on the next book in this series. Dead of Night (The Blood Curse Chronicles #1)

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    All families have secrets.
    Some families have secrets worth dying for.

    The Vasile family owns a funeral home in Frederickton, Virginia. For the most part, life in this small town is ideal. However, there is one secret they try to hide - a secret that could destroy their lives as they know it.

    They are vampires.

    When a strange girl comes to town for her grandfather's funeral, new information is uncovered. There is a chance the Vasiles and all other vampires will know a day when they can become human and break the blood curse that has plagued vampires for centuries. Dead of Night (The Blood Curse Chronicles #1)

    *Note : I was provided an Advanced Review Copy in exchange for an honest review*
    Wow, this was surprisingly refreshing and a new take on vampires that had me flipping through the pages & couldn't stop until I'd finished. If you've ever been curious as to what it would be like to live as a vampire among humans , then read this book. Seriously amazing. Dead of Night (The Blood Curse Chronicles #1) Christoph Vasile's family owns a funeral home in Fredericton, Virginia which is perfect for the family of vampires. They do what they can to stay under the radar and sometimes get assistance with bodies from their friend Vlad.

    Talia Braxton's grandpa has just died and had his funeral at Vasile's Funeral Home. She meets Christoph and is intrigued by him and wants to get to know him better.

    But for Talia and Christoph danger lurks as someone else is interested in Talia and will do whatever it takes to make her his or not allow her to be with anyone else. Can Christoph keep Talia safe?

    This was a super interesting book and I loved seeing the two different worlds come together. I kind of had a feeling how everything would turn out and I wasn't disappointed.

    I liked how Christoph's family tried to live almost in the shadows of Frederickton but at the same time in the open. They worked hard and tried not to stand out while still maintaining what they needed to survive.

    Christoph was attracted to Talia but was unsure of what was going to happen as she was a human yet he wanted to keep her safe. I liked Talia's grandma and how she knew what she wanted even if it was not Talia wanted.

    The twist with Errol was interesting and I definitely was not expecting the one person to betray Christoph. I am super curious about how the story ends with New Orleans and it seems like something spooky is going on there! Dead of Night (The Blood Curse Chronicles #1) Talia lived the life of a nomad as her parents gave up the American Dream of home ownership and took up the life of gypsies. When news of her grandfather’s death arrived, they were off to Frederickton, Virginia, hidden danger, and for Talia, a new life, new love and a new discovery.

    People were dying to get into the Vasile family’s funeral home. Known for their ability to send the dearly departed off in style, the Vasiles are hiding a secret in plain sight. They are vampires, cursed to shun the sunlight, and to walk the earth for eternity, hiding in the darkness, but for Christoph, it wasn’t enough. He wanted more from his undead life. Falling for the very alive and very human Talia may not have been his best move, but the heart works in strange ways, beating or not. It will be that very attraction that will set in motion a chain of events that could lead to the answers all Vampires need to break the curse they live under, if Christoph can keep Talia safe.

    DEAD OF NIGHT James Agee, Jr. is quick read, not too deep or heavy, but filled with characters that one can learn to love, from a feisty grandmother to a pesky sister. There are also the villains, deadly and deceitful. A quick read with touches of humor, a few quirky twists and a family of vampires that almost feel like the undead version of Ozzie and Harriet. James Agee, Jr. kept me completely entertained from start to finish and I’ll even be able to sleep with the lights off tonight! Then again, I don’t live in New Orleans….

    I received an ARC edition from James Agee Jr. in exchange for my honest review.

    Series: The Blood Curse Chronicles - Book 1
    Publisher: Magic Quill Press (September 9, 2017)
    Publication Date: September 9, 2017
    Genre: Fantasy | Vampires
    Print Length: 192 pages
    Available from: Amazon
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    Dead of Night (The Blood Curse Chronicles #1) *Possibly spoilers may be mixed into this review*
    Three stars seems like a harsh rating but as the goodreads ratings go- its stands for I liked it, which I did!
    I really enjoyed the premise of this book and the characters. I am a huge vampire fan and these vampires did not disappoint! And I am excited to see how the whole vampire being a curse that can be reversed thing plays out in the following books.
    A few things I would like to see in the next book would be a lot more details (especially details using the five senses) a lot of things were just stated when, if described in more detail would've put me in the characters place a bit more.
    I'd also like to see more character development. More of what the characters look like and also how the characters grow to like each other. The Christoph/Talia relationship was so sudden I would've liked to have seen more build up to the relationship: a few more meetings, more personal/in depth convos. I like how it was instant attraction, I just felt like they knew nothing about each other and would've liked to see them learn more stuff about each other. She keeps stating he loves her but they haven't really had any conversations about their relationship and what they mean to each other so I would definitely like to see more of that.

    I would like to see more about secondary characters as well. Especially the parents. Both main characters have a lot of animosity and I'd like to learn more of where that stems from (another good in depth convo I'd like to see Christoph and Talia have)
    Basically I just want to see loads more details and build up in the next book. Some scenes felt a little rushed and I would just like to see more of everyone. The book ended with a good setup for the next book and I'm looking forward to continuing this series.

    *I was given a free copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review Dead of Night (The Blood Curse Chronicles #1) So I am trying to figure out what to say about this book, it is a 4 star book. The story in itself is amazing and very thrilling. I am a busy women with a full time job, family, university studies so I normally only have a little bit of time to read every day BUT, the big BUT here, this book captured me right away so instead of reading one chapter I was 75-80% into the book when I had to put it down for the night/morning.

    The story capture the reader right away and you get so involved with the characters in the book and you start to feel for them very quickly. The character development is also really good and was something I really enjoyed. They where not unique but I didnt get bored off them either, they where perfect for the story even if there are a few smaller things I would like to see differently but not having perfect characters is sometimes the best for the story itself.

    So why only 4 starts. well I did enjoy the book A LOT but in the end it didnt really connect. this is the first book and the end wasnt to my liking. it felt a little bit meh and I didnt get the answers I wanted. The book dont feel finished, not even for a book in a series. It dont have to have a closure ending ut I feel like this book dont have an ending at all and that is what drags down the star. I am gonna read the second part because I did really enjoy this one and maybe I will get my ending then and answers to all the questions I have.

    This is a book well worth reading. Dead of Night (The Blood Curse Chronicles #1)