Dancing with the Dangerous Prince (War, Love, Harmony, #2) By Elizabeth Lennox

    Ciara shivered when she felt his eyes upon her. She trembled when she looked upon him as well. When they found themselves in the woods, alone and tempted, she fought the feeling…but it was pointless. The allure of the man was just too strong. So she was going to ride the wave of passion this captivating man offered, and ignore the consequences until she had to go back to her own world.
    Zoran couldn’t believe the beauty that he found in the woods. Normally, his one-week respite from his official responsibilities as Prince of Larcatia was a time of isolation and contemplation. Now his only contemplation was how to get to know the lovely wood nymph better. And isolation was the furthest thing from his mind.
    So when their time together was over, it was shocking to find out that they were actually both royalty in neighboring countries! And even more unbelievable, that they were both obligated to marry someone else! To hell with royal obligations! Zoran would make Ciara his wife. Dancing with the Dangerous Prince (War, Love, Harmony, #2)

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    What are the odds? A princess working at a summer camp and a vacationing prince meet up and fall in love? Once in forever? Kindle Edition This was such a ridiculous story. It was just stupid. Fine, it was predicable, but most romance novels are (the scourge of the genre that makes me want to give it up totally), but I just had so many eye rolling episodes with this one. I mean, really? She's a virgin that behaves really promiscuously the moment she sees this hunk. Have some dignity women! And what are the chances, a prince and princess frolicking in the same forrest at the same time, oh how the fates be good to these gorgeous beings! Urgh, Scourge I tell you! (Cheap Thrill seekers revel) Kindle Edition This was a quick (and free) read. It picks up where the first book ended (rather abruptly) and now switches to the other couple involved. Again, the book is rushed. My main complaint is the overuse of exclamation marks which make Ciara sound like an over-excited puppy. I also found the characters and situations confusing. Ciara has rather a lot of freedom considering her background. Too many things are brushed over and not explained. The viewpoints switch back and forward constantly with no warning.

    It was a short read and not terrible, but it doesn't have much substance. It was okay for a quick, free read, but I don't intend to pay for any more books in the series. Kindle Edition Another great book. A great story. A great tile. I want to be a princess. I want to dance 💃i want dance with a Prince too. I liked the place in the book and fell in love with the place too Kindle Edition I like this one so much more than book one in the series. We meet two more of the corner rulers in this book we need Prince Zoran and Princess Clara. They run into each other out in the wilderness. they have no idea who each other is. that they are each suppose to marry other people by contract to help their countries (arrange marriage) and of course oh cant tell you more.
    Good book short but good Kindle Edition

    Dancing with the Dangerous Prince is the story of Ciara and Zoran.

    Another wonderful short read, but this time with a camp counselor h and a wild tarzanish H. They meet in the woods, with him chasing her like a predator, culminating in passionate coitus. Soon, their royal identities are revealed, and after some drama, they find their HEA.

    3.5/5 Kindle Edition Quick read. Romance. Kindle Edition This was light-hearted and sexy. I was definitely surprised near the end, but won't spoil it. I really liked the hero and heroine.
    One thing I enjoyed about this book was the lack of angst. It was a love story, not a mystery, and not a coming of age book. It was purely a story about two people who meet under unusual circumstances, are attracted to someone unexpected, and develop the beginning of a relationship over the course of a week. The sexy scenes are well written.
    This is one of the two stories that set up the action for the rest of the Love, War and Harmony series. Kindle Edition Like the 1st book this was good

    This was a really good book. Now I just have to get the other books in this series. Annoyed that when I bought the first 2 books (that was suppose to be, it for the series only the 2 books). Just to find out once I read the first book that there are 4 more to read...grrrr. I don't like not knowing up front. Kindle Edition 😄

    She's not just a camp counselor. She's in hiding, but also on summer vacation. She meets a man and falls for him desperately but when they realize it's finally time to let go. He asks her where she lives and he is stumped now he knows he must marry this woman. Kindle Edition