Craig Claiborne's a Feast Made for Laughter By Craig Claiborne

    Oh dear. I know Claiborne is old hat and all, but I still thought I might have something to gain about American food culture from his 1982 memoir. I was wrong. The infamous NYT food personality completely botches this incredibly dated effort by being evasive and coy. The love that dare not speak its name? C'mon, Craig, everyone knew you were gay in 1965. The attempts to soften the fact or hide it altogether are embarrassing, at best.

    I was ashamed of myself for finishing it - although parts 2 and 3, recommended cookbooks and Claiborne's 100 favorite recipes - go unread. Ugh. I need a shower. Craig Claiborne If you're a certain age you will recall the cachet of Craig Claiborne's food column in the New York Times; the essays conveyed the sophistication of city life, and recipes were enticing and doable. The New York Times Cookbook was a bible for 20-somethings in the 1970s. I looked forward to reading about Claiborne's life --and found myself in the uncomfortable position of disliking the person he revealed himself to be; he was petty, vindictive and self-important. This book was written 26 years ago and the contrast in social attitudes could not be more marked; Claiborne was an unapologetic snob about people and restaurants and food. It was worth reading, if unintentionally iconoclastic. Craig Claiborne I was surprised at the blandness of this memoir. I usually love reading about food and restaurants, but what a snoozefest this was. Good food writing should make you want to devour the dishes described, but Claiborne's absolutely did not; curious, considering his history (long-time NY Times food critic, author of numerous cookbooks) and experiences with the best food, travel, restaurants, and chefs, but Claiborne, despite his what must have been a passion for his subjects, fails to share his emotions through this book. Craig Claiborne Yo - this is a good book. It's juicy and gossipy, has snobbish food descriptions involving a lot of cream, and lots of Freudian self-diagnosis. Even still, you can't help identifying with the guy and rooting for him. Craig Claiborne Fascinating insights into the culinary activities of this seminal period in American gastronomy. The biographical story is sad, especially if you know how his life ended. Craig Claiborne

    Craig Claiborne's a Feast Made for Laughter

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