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    I first added this book to my to read list in April 2012. I didn't actually pick it up until December 2013, and I am very glad I waited until then. You see, on November 29, 2013, my boyfriend proposed to me. Having just accepted his proposal made me an unusually receptive audience for this book.This book ignited numerous conversations between me and my fiance. We talked about how to behave in such a way that reduces the risk of temptation from others, how to split household chores and incomes in such a way to increase our happiness and chances of success and stability, how we would balance our careers with the demands of a newborn. We talked about what marriage meant to different people, and how it varied depending on a person's culture and value system. I read the whole passage on the profile of what couple was statistically least and most likely to divorce.That is why I gave this book five stars. It made me ponder my own situation and discuss it with my partner, and while it certainly isn't a primer on marriage, it made me feel like I have a better idea of what I'm getting myself into and the things to watch out for.While I read the majority of this book silently to myself, there were passages that I read aloud to my fiance, and, if I asked nicely, he sometimes agreed to read it out loud to me. When he was reading, I sometimes got confused between the words Gilbert had written down and occasional commentary of his own, because Gilbert writes in such a conversational tone! Not sure if everyone likes that, but I did. Since sizable chunks of this book were essentially research findings, her conversational tone made the book much readable.I also really admired her ability to be so forthcoming with her own faults. She even goes so far as to list her top five biggest personality flaws! She is very intimate with her reader audience. Not only do I greatly respect that, but I think it encourages the reader to take a very honest look at him or herself as well. It certainly inspired me to do so: I had a heart to heart conversation with my fiance where we both discussed our flaws and shortcomings, and how to overcome them as a couple.The ending of her book kind of made me roll my eyes, because after chapters and chapters of her going into all her misgivings about marriage, she included a final chapter that expounds on one small thought on marriage that she found encouraging. She seemed to be trying to end on a positive note, but it just seemed like she was grasping at straws. And right when I was literally, physically rolling my eyes, I read this line Do I sound like I'm trying to talk myself into something here? People, I am trying to talk myself into something here.Which, by the way, brings me to an interesting side note: While the book is listed on Goodreads with the subtitle A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage, the book I bought from had the subtitle A Love Story (and a much uglier cover). I believe the subtitle was changed for later versions of this book, because the original one wasn't entirely accurate. I certainly would not go so far as to say that Elizabeth Gilbert had made peace with the institution by the end of the book. On the other hand, this book is much than a simple love story, as this book explores marriage across cultures and history, rather than focusing only on a single story.Gilbert's ultimate conclusion is not one of sunshine and roses, it's a much subdued conclusion that marriage can be terribly risky and involves a great deal of sacrifice, but sometimes, it's your best option. If that sounds like a crappy book to you, you probably shouldn't read this. But if you're open to hearing why marriage can be disadvantageous to a woman, why getting married for love instantly makes your marriage likely to fail, and what warning signs to watch out for, then you'll get something out of this book. Personally, I suspect that the information I have imbibed from this book will influence my thoughts and actions for years to come. Committed: A Love Story (English Edition) eBook : Gilbert, Elizabeth A fun, at times laugh out loud, factual and experiential book written in Gilberts easy flow style. Although it is clearly her story about understanding the 'institution of marriage' and her own feelings about it, her facts and experiences are always interesting and I always learn something new from her, which in this case I have been able to apply to my own marriage and relationship. It's not a self help book full of psychobabble, just her personal account of her own findings, feelings and facts, which ultimately you can take or leave in relating to your own. I always enjoy Elizabeth Gilbert, and this book lives up to my own expectations and enjoyment. Committed: A Love Story (English Edition) eBook : Gilbert, Elizabeth I have started to read this book and already know that this book is life changing even within the first chapter it already approaches the attitudes towards marriage, and the commitment we show to our partners even before the big day itself and I promise you this book will make you stop and think , it will make you really consider who you are and how you change your behaviour because of commitment to a partner and then what else it does is seriously makes you look at what marriage is really about Elizabeth Gilbert is an outstanding author and also please do see her talk on TED talks because it really is inspirational.before you read this also read eat pray love or watch the film , because the film is spiritual and really is quite beautiful and moving cant wait to read all of this book but already feel like right from the word go it really does make you ponder quite a lot and to question your attitudes to being part of a couple or getting married in fact this book is highly recommended for both cohabiting couples or engaged couples considering marriage ! Committed: A Love Story (English Edition) eBook : Gilbert, Elizabeth I love everything Liz writes. It's all just bloody marvellous.Some very interesting history, delivered in Liz's unique style. What's not to love about it? Committed: A Love Story (English Edition) eBook : Gilbert, Elizabeth Good research on marriages. Sensible for second marriages. Different cultures are interestingly described. Immigration rules can force you make different decisions. Committed: A Love Story (English Edition) eBook : Gilbert, Elizabeth


    Very interesting AND funny. This book makes you think, learn things and laugh. Elisabeth GIlbert surely has a real talent. I don't agree with all her opinions, but this is not the point. It is a nice book, so read it and recommend it around you to men/women, young/old ! Committed: A Love Story (English Edition) eBook : Gilbert, Elizabeth J'avais adoré eat, pray,love, et j'ai beaucoup aimé cet ouvrage qui retrace l'histoire du mariage et ce qu'il représente dans les différentes parties du monde. Elizabeth Gilbert nous offre une fois de plus une prose légère et amusante. Committed: A Love Story (English Edition) eBook : Gilbert, Elizabeth Elizabeth Gilbert's Commitment was a good read in general. I already got a sense of her her writing style so I felt confortable with her moments of neuroticlike overthinking. That's part of her charm. If you're thinking the story is about Part 2 of Eat,Pray,Love,you'll Committed: A Love Story (English Edition) eBook : Gilbert, Elizabeth This book offers an interesting alternative perspective on marriage, something that everybody has an opinion on but doesn't know why! Neither endorsing nor criticizing marriage, the writer concludes by taking it out of the hands of 'the institution'. In the end marriage is Committed: A Love Story (English Edition) eBook : Gilbert, Elizabeth Being myself in a long happy marriage my children sometimes ask me for the secret of this success. Up until now I haven't been able to give a clear answer but this book made me much aware of all the specific things that can make a successful marriage so not only will Committed: A Love Story (English Edition) eBook : Gilbert, Elizabeth

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