Closing the Gap: The Trial of Trooper Robert Higbee By D. William Subin

    Thirty-four-year-old New Jersey State Trooper Robert Higbee lay on
    his back in an Atlantic City Hospital room. His 6’8” frame hardly
    fit into the bed. Just hours before at 10:00 p.m., Higbee sustained a concussion when the patrol car in which he was “closing the gap” on a
    speeder, collided with a van crossing through an intersection ahead of
    him. Tragically, the two teenage sisters in the van died at the scene.

    The next morning, I received a phone call from the State Troopers
    Fraternal Association of New Jersey (STFA), the organization
    that represents the state’s law enforcement officers. I was already on
    their approved attorney’s list and had previously answered “critical
    incident matters” on their behalf. I was now being asked to represent
    Trooper Higbee regarding any repercussions related to the accident.

    Within an hour I was at the hospital. Higbee was still in a daze.
    I had no idea at that moment I met him, how closely our lives would
    become connected.

    Five months later, a Cape May County grand jury indicted
    Trooper Higbee on the charge of vehicular homicide, a crime that
    carries a penalty of up to twenty years in prison. My job was to establish
    conclusively that Higbee had acted neither intentionally nor
    recklessly, only that he had made a tragic mistake in the dark of
    night, at a poorly marked intersection in rural Cape May County,
    New Jersey.

    The heaviest burden that can be placed upon a defense attorney
    is in knowing that the fate of an innocent person rests in your hands.
    The following two-and-a-half years would prove to be the most demanding and excruciating I have ever experienced in my career as
    a criminal trial lawyer. Closing the Gap: The Trial of Trooper Robert Higbee


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    We should all be concerned with the turn of events stemming from this tragic accident. As told from the perspective of the defense attorney, this book is significant for it is a recording of history that we do not want to repeat. So many were summoned and served bravely to bring light to the fact that there are still those who will miss the call to face down their egos; and, consequently, fail to see the truth. English This book takes hard-boiled to the next level. English Written by my dad: I may be a little biased. English