Circle of Nine: Novella Collection (Circle of Nine Series, #2) By Valerie Biel

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    Return to the Celtic magic that began with the suspenseful, award-winning novel Circle of Nine – Beltany.

    Descended from a legendary Celtic tribe that guards the secrets of the ancient stone circles, the Quinn women have a great responsibility to protect their pagan rituals and way of life. As members of the formidable Circle of Nine, they celebrate the holidays of the year from Yule to Samhain, keeping the traditions of the Tuatha de Danann alive through the centuries against insurmountable odds. We first met these women in Circle of Nine – Beltany, and now a set of three novellas reveals more of their engaging stories.

    In Bressa’s Banishment the power struggle between Father Banan and village healer Bressa Gormley unfolds amidst accusations of treachery, heresy, and murder. Can the Circle protect their trusted healer and the path of the Tuatha against a growing religious fervor?

    Dervla’s Destiny brings us to medieval Ireland where the beloved character Dervla Quinn learns of her gifts and fights tremendous loss, betrayal, and violence, all the while never giving up on finding the love she deserves.

    In Phoebe's Mission, when an evil force on a quest for ultimate power threatens the Circle of Nine, Phoebe Quinn must leave Ireland for the first time and travel to the United States to protect their way of life. Along the way, she meets the handsome Macklin Scott, taking her mission, and possibly her future, on a far different course than expected. Circle of Nine: Novella Collection (Circle of Nine Series, #2)

    I love Ireland and Irish lore, so I was delighted to dive into Valerie Biel’s second book in her Circle of Nine series. Circle of Nine: Novella Collection gives readers more of the back story for three very important women in the Quinn family history, introduced in Biel’s first novel, Circle of Nine: Beltany. Each of the novellas in this collection is a complete story with an engaging plot and fast paced action. Weaving an interesting mix of fantasy and legend, Biel gives readers a glimpse of a crucial turning point in the lives of three young women.
    Bressa Gormley from1322, Dervla Quinn from 1450, and Phoebe Quinn from 1969 are all strong young women facing challenges that threaten everything they hold dear. The three women are completely different in both time period and personality, yet they all face a difficult and dangerous choice to stay true to their own values, no matter the consequences. As each young woman struggles to find a solution, fate takes her in a direction she never imagined possible.
    While I would have liked to see a bit more development of the characters, Biel does a great job of creating this world inspired by Irish legend. Particularly compelling is Bressa’s struggle to maintain her own faith tradition in the face of condemnation from an over-zealous, strong-willed priest who feels threatened by her talents. Bressa’s solution reflects the crisis many faiths have gone through as new religions take root.
    At 210 pages, Circle of Nine: Novella Collection is just right for young adult readers. Biel even provides a glossary and pronunciation guide to help with unfamiliar Celtic terms.
    Choices are scary, whether we embrace them or they are forced on us. Circle of Nine: Novella Collection offers the valuable message that when opportunity opens a door, it’s okay to walk through, no matter how difficult or frightening.
    Even as the three stories provide insights into Biel’s world, this novella collection whets my appetite for more. I’m definitely looking forward to reading the next book in the Circle of Nine series.
    0990645061 Packed with heart and wit, the CIRCLE OF NINE: NOVELLA COLLECTION dishes up the intriguing backstories of Dervla, Bressa, and Phoebe. Each tale is a standalone adventure in itself. Collectively, they're rich, absorbing, and satisfying. 0990645061 I absolutely loved this book!I actually started it on St Brighids Day,so it was timely.I think I love Dervla best.Besides her name,sh has been through SO much to get where she finds a home. Paige Jensen is a terrific narrator.I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.'  0990645061